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Burn a Koran day.


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They are saying this will put more troops at risk and cause more bloodshed.

Its been branded idiotic by most of the US big wigs.

A few brits went down in 9/11 too so I know where my bread is buttered.


There is some talk to build a mosque and Islamic cultural centre streets near ground zero, doesent that just piss you off?

Im all for "forgive and understand" but fuck me if the only way people can get anything in this world is to kill people then we are all pretty fucked.

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I really fail to see what this pastor is trying to accomplish, it's a terrible idea. Regardless of what you think of Islam it's extremely hateful to intentionally desecrate a book that a very large group of people consider to be holy. This isn't going to enhance our already tarnished image in the Muslim world.


In regards to the mosque, I think it's in poor taste to build it so close to the WTC site but at the same time it's completely legal so there's really not much of a debate there.

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Sorry guys but i think this bad ass priest kicks ass for the lord.

For their ideologys to be safe they have to put fear into you, and to me thats just wrong.

Sure there will be "normal" muslims who are offended and say "we cant do anything about the extreme ones"

and that leaves us nothing.


They are at it all the time, they are always getting caught out on planes, and a lot of terror plots and I mean a LOT have been foiled.

US is pulling out of iraq - the brits are fighting in Afghan to keep the fuckers more interested in their own shit than our little island, there is a word for a guy who who kills the weak its called a bullying asshole.

Its not about religion for the "west" even if you dont have a religion your core beliefs are been targeted.


But in all honesty why should we give a fuck about what any of these fuckers think.

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