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Here's to two player/two controller alternating and to Allowance Mode in CoinOPS Epic!


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That's just it man... you are way to sensitive....


"Bite the hand that feeds"????????


When did I do that?


I think until the last few posts I wasn't doing anything but praising you and giving the shit here and there.




I'll give you a little advice I've given my brother recently.......


The world don't revolve around you, and 9 out of 10 times, that's a very good thing.




I'm not out to get you man. I'm not here to insult you either. Stop being so sensitive and paranoid.


You were the one who started pulling out claims of who downloaded what more first. Just keep that to yourself with me in the future. We're all friends here.


Take a freakin compliment when it comes your way without getting all drama queen about it.

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Wow Deja Vu....


Feature is nuked....


There's a surprise...


How many times has this happened before? How many times have we shared this little dance?


Here's the steps....


1. I compliment you.


2. You reciprocate by insulting me.


3. Others jump in to insult you right back.


4. You "nuke" two features you haven't even been able to figure out for 4 years.



lol.... and people wonder why we couldn't work together.

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as I say they are easy to add.....get your guys to do it (the only support you get is the normal trolls the same one that one post on every forum and then all the 3 of 4 trolls say thats fantastic and then it does always the same)....to me it just proves how little skills you guys and by work together I dont need your help rx in fact I dont like your stuff and have said it alot...

Now on Coin adding and 2player stuff its in the same way as lightgun ill never add it in.......thats a perminant ban on these features from me rx....dont even bother asking for them again...


threads over for me.....good luck with what you have Im adding stuff I want and people that respect they where they sit in the project....as I say and always have I dont like your stuff I dont find it to the level I want it or the vision I want it so I dont think you have anything to offer anyways....and ive said this for years (dont think we can work together lol why would I?)

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