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Post your poison (beer)


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Only latent homosexuals Dont drink beer and everyone knows this.

So show us what you gulp down the hatch to get your happy buzz on.



5% Volume!


use to be 5.2% but the governments started getting gay over alcohol content and they reduced it slightly.

I can sink 6 or seven in a sitting then I just pass out.

Oh yeah my beer drinking has gotten better I now have days off through the week :)

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I have hard core acid reflux and most alcohol gives me heart burn for days.

when I do drink beer though it's usually Tecate tall boys

4.49% 24oz cans X 3 for $5.50 = buzzed



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When I bother to drink then depending on mood either





6.2% though it seems this one has died now, guess it means I gotta find a new smoother than Duvel for when I'm not in the mood for it drink, shame really as it means it joins the 66cl bottles of


5% I aint drinking it from cans, the metal changes the taste. Other than that the usual suspects Stella, Carlsberg Export etc.. do the job very nicely, harder stuff Scotch, as long as its 8 years old or more it's usually a good un, Bourbon if I run out of real Whisky, if I run out of that Vodka

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Guys too much shit here to comment on!


I have drank Oranjeboom plenty of times though.

Man the worlds beer differs completely.

I only drink enough till the point I take my top off and my girl hides in the shed.


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