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Grim are you aware of Eventhubs.com

if you are gonna get serious about street fightering thats the place to be.


in a week or less I will be consumed with Skate 3 then RDR. so we need to get some more SF matched in i think.

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Woot! I got a PS3. Been looking for the last 3 days and lucked out, limited availability at a Target that just got them in this morning. They only had 3 to sell, took an early lunch to go and get one so I don't get assed out again like I have the past 3 days.


Going to get SSF4 tonight, get ready mofos! :D

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Well since we played last I have practiced a bit... but not hardcore like I suggest you do. When we battled 45 matches... I was on top but only by a few. Literally like 25/20 or so. We would need to play again but I feel a bit more secure since we played last. Of course he could have gotten better too in this time.


I claim no mastery. To the opposite in fact, I'm still a gimp in this game. Only through practice can one gain mastery. I need to get in somemore in fact. And when my stick is built... Tekken and Soul Caliber are getting played too.

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Thats a good sign. Both of your investment... and a testament to how Capcom kept the feel. I remember the old days of playing SFII and just having a fest. Good ole days. Just keep playing Emsley, soon it'll click and all of a sudden your game will be improved.


Id like to play but I gotta go out. Im hungry!

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