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Official Red dead Redemption thread.


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I got up to the sixth treasure map if you need help PM or ask for a spolier.

I need to find a tree with a skull nailed to the crotch and base.

This one seems unlikely at the moment as I have tried a few landmarks etc with no luck.

This time round the treasure map has no real hint other than i think it might be near the river.


Also I buy the map things that reveal locations and they dont seem to do anything.


Edit: I got the kentucky horse thing too for 750 bucks.

Last night I went ape shit in the game, massive killing spree, I put a 4 horses and a carridge on the train tracks and when the train came I was like "Oh yes!!" then the horses just glitched a bit and the stage coach fucked off, I also hog tied a guy preaching the bible in armadillo then plomped him on the tracks and he got vaporised.


I robbed a bank - I put my bandit mask on and sneaked in round the back and blew the teller away, I picked the safe lock and all I got was 90 bucks!!! Wank!


As for glitches I have noticed one or two but one that does my head in is it constantly goes "there are now new weapons blah blah" and there are none.


I also got a pendant cross off a nun - she says it will protect me, in the menu it says im harder to hit because of it.

Im doing everything in this game!!

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I still have much to do. I even have active challenges in multi Im working on. Grinding in a game like this feels strange. lol. but soloing Fort Mercer over and over again feels just right... in terms of grinding. Thanks in part by my Dynamite and fire bombs of course. Too bad you cant get more in chests.

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Im only just scratching the surface in Mexico at the moment, I have ADD in this game I see something I shoot off to see what it is.


The movie house in armadillo watch the movie to the end and it sets up some missions for you.

I even learned how to play dice with this game i won 400 bucks in a bet last night.

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I got my first glitch. Was taking the horse near a mountain range, then i make the horse jump. Suddenly, the horse was like falling into infinite hole and suddenly teleport to the top of the mountain. LOL

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Yeah that happens i called my horse and it was over the river...

It walked towards me and "splosh!" in to the soup.

I have two grand and gold in my swag bag.

This is the only game I nip to the "bar" to get a few shots then set off again on my adventures...

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I didnt know the movie house sets up missions, Ill go take a look. Money is easy to come by. 5 finger Filet can net you $100 in one quick go. A B A Y A X A B A Y A B A Y A X A B A Y ... ETC


Sometimes the deer run in the sky like raindeer... funny bug. I've done 3 or so missions in Mexico. But I too run off and find stuff to do. I've shot and skinned over 100 critters. I've tamed wild horses.

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^Do you lose your horse if you tame wild horses?




I found that gold I was looking for it was on the map in the "challenges" and description, fuck me it was right under my nose and I poured over the map i got with the game as well.

This new one only gives you one clue, Im looking for a strange looking rock formation...

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