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Official Red dead Redemption thread.


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An official picture to tart up the officialness.



The site has many images and lots of other media to wet your appetite for the game scheduled for release on the 21st of May.

If your not pumped about the prospect of been Clint Eastwood I don't know what to say to you.

You may be a latent homosexual or worse a girl. (Also this is an attempt to stop the Xbox section engulfing the forum)


Concerns I have about the game: We have all played GTA and from what I have read the shooting mechanics could be very similar to the recent GTA titles and as far as I'm concerned this could really mess up the game, hopefully it will not be an issue as the "dead eye" targeting system is supposedly very well polished. (Playing GTA last night I couldn't even target a guy in a car it switched to some guy half way up a street)


Its looking drenched in personality and I love the ideas of been able to put on a bandits mask to perform dodgy missions that you could become wanted for, you can become a total bad ass or saviour within the gaming world you play in, collecting bounty's and seeking out douche bags to turn them in for money with the addition of a back to the future style lasso, when it gets dark you can set up your own camp or join others and discover hearsay ideas about hunting for BURIED TREASURE or rumours in general.


Scavenging plays its part also.


What ideas are you most looking forward to?

And do you think this could just be a flash in the pan with more cruddy expansion packs like the ones on GTA?

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Looks serious compared to the original. More like a sequel to Gun than Red Ded Revolver. And where's Red?

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You get to hunt game/animals and skin them and trade the skins in for cash, if i can lasso an innocent old lady and drag her by my horse im gonna be happy.

Im just a wee bit concerned that the targeting system isn't whack.

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This really should be called Gun II. Red Dead was light hearted and silly in places. This is gritty and realistic. Like Gun was.

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Looks like a great game... except I dont like westerns much.

Same here, but since this is in GTA style where i can do what i want basically, it will be a purchase for me :)

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