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I just realized how much I hate the way the hitsparks look!!!!


Ehh, this game is missing something that I cannot put my finger on,

I guess I'll have to play to find out what that is.

Woulda prefereed Hugo or Gief but Hagger... I guess he'll do

Noticed grapplers were very unused, then again, thats how its always been in mvc

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So how does anyone know how this measures up to Tatsonoku vs Capcom?


There will be a competition at my Gamestop come release night... I wonder if I should get TvsC and get some practice in. Buy it used... If its available, then return it and put that money toward MvC3. Im looking at movelists off of eventhumbs... I see that they use weak, medium, fierce attacks... not punches or kicks... but Light, Medium, Heavy. So down forward could be a fireball but down back and the very same button is hurricane kick. Then they have a pop up button... that'll be awkward for me.

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eww that control scheme doesn't sound so hot. I just assumed it would be like MvC2.


I heard Best Buys would be putting up kiosks this week.

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