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X-23 is Wolverine's clone, and I think originally created to kill him.


He also has a son, Daken... though I don't know if he'll be included in the game.

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I think i finally realized whats throwing me off from mvc3.

Its the combos, everyone seems to eb able to do THE EXACT SAME thing, but in their own styles.

Secondly nearly everything is combo-able, max spider chain from air combo!?!?!?

And the whole bouncy bouncy ground that allows another set of air combo is just kinda off.

It seems like they took out all the balances quirks that mvc created, max spider+ combo = over powered.

Te restrictions allowed gamers to create combos around the system which made it fun to HC and allowed limitation so normal players wont get massacred by 20hit combos back and forth.

Of course now that mvc has been code-broken to the tee, my previous statement becomes void, but I feel they focused too much on "ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK" as if they're saying, "you really dont have a choice becuz we built the game for you to ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK ."

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Arthur (Ghost n Goblins) and Spencer (Bionic Commando) announced.







Tomorrow morning two Marvel characters will be announced. I hope Fantomex can make it.


EDIT: Nevermind, Shoryuken.com announced the 2 to be Magneto and MODOK.


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