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Play XMV files in window media player


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  • 5 weeks later...

Wow... I didn't know they had one.


If they could implement that in emulators, people could just play the same games on their own PC without having to have the WMV files. If they could get it working on the 360, they could just transfer the Xtras to the 360 without changing anything too.

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If you google, you'll find there has been a codec and a source for a decoder, but it isn't open source.....

VideoLAN VLC player had a fully working codec once, but had to remove it due to legal reasons.

Then someone posted the source, but that too had to be removed from VLC forums

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I'll be getting the WMVs up in a format that's available to everyone sometime in the future. Then you can use it on any platform you'd like. I just didn't want to release them with the XBox Edition stuff because that was designed to be perfect sets to just FTP over the box right after downloading them.


If the codec is illegal, that's not a good option for other emulators. A lot of people in the non-xbox related emu world don't even want to talk about emulation on the XBox for whatever reason (I know this because I had a post deleted at a MAME site by the mods when I mentioned the work on the XBox).


My WMV files are separate from the XBox stuff like this, and I recommend that you or anyone else set them up this way too.......



Where the XMV files for the following systems would be located in these places on my PC:


Atari 2600: \Xbox\F\Media\A2600\Movies\

NES: \Xbox\F\Media\NES\Movies\



The WMV files are located here:


Atari 2600: \Removed from XBox\F\Media\A2600\MoviesWMV\

NES: \Removed from XBox\F\Media\NES\MoviesWMV\

VIRTUALBOY: \Removed from XBox\F\Media\VIRTUALBOY\MoviesWMV\



This way, they're still set up in media folders just like the XBox stuff, but they're not in the same folders so you don't have to go to the trouble of making sure you don't waste space on your XBox by transferring them over on accident. You just have to point your PC emu to a slightly different location for the WMV files.

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i want all the commercials to be honest, i think on a dvd they would be a laugh to watch over a few beers. i wanted the codec to reencode to dvd, but wmv will be perfectly fine.... any idea on eta?


well everyone thanks replying.

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grab them from emumovies.com :D or ask pceslayer for ftp(all 12000 videos I believe where on his site..all converted to wmv or in orig avi form in sd and hd...looking at one or 2 of the videos in the xtras they looked the same as whats on that ftp which was handed over and was done in a week during the first showcase...just a heads up its all there and has been sitting there for 18months...pceslayer is good and converted every video in a few days and all are availbe in multiple bit rates and resolutions) access they all sit on his ftp..they sit in avi at a good bit rate...all the other stuff is normally downsampled to play on xbox...but wmv will convert to xmv very easily


just a heads up....for you....ask him stuff hes fast and good...and his speeds of access is lightning

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