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Play XMV files in window media player


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You are absolutely insane BP.


I have a paid membership to emumovies and that's where I got the videos from originally.


Any videos we didn't have from there (which ended up being over 5,000 videos for hacks, homebrew, prototypes, translations and the like) were done by members on my team, so thousands of videos we have aren't even available on emumovies.



You are a mindless git. Go open another thread and stay there with your lies and misinformation.







BTW.... Cotton is included for the SNES and has a video. It's actually called "Maerchen Adventure Cotton 100", but BP wouldn't be able to find it on my list because he doesn't know how to use the Find feature.


66 Japanese games are supported, as well as 56 European games, above and beyond the 714 US games, 17 Special releases, 126 translations, 2 unlicensed, 25 prototypes, 1 pirate, 2 original homebrew, 124 hacks, and 3 adult hack titles.


You can check out the SNES Rx 1.0 collection here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0At...J4THc&hl=en



Oh yeah.... Where's your compatibility list to compare BP?






EDIT 2: BTW.... I'm not saying at all that pCeSlAyEr wasn't a godsend on my end. He got a ton of stuff done for our project, mainly involving the TurboGrafx, but also spanning to quite a few other systems as well. Thanks a ton PCE for your help man.

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Funny. Every time I look at post#12, I see more content has been added. Well, whatever...




And now it shrinked from nothing to more nothing. lol.

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