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Escape from the clutches of a crazy chick.


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Man I was lied on my sofa watching manly science stuff when I get a call off an old friend so I pop up to see her, anyway this other chick likes me so were talking, and she tells me she is 5 weeks pregnant and she wasnt 100% sure who the father was and im like 'back away slowly.' What do I look like? A surrogate father without the joygasim?


This chick is is on benefits for suicidal depression and adult ADHD...

Shes a good looking girl n all and she is nice enough but I got to be honest, if she just got a bun in the oven and she is loopy i think its safe to say i should look at other options.


But get this:

8 months back im with this chick for about a month, I liked her and thought why not? Then things just drifted cause I was drinking too much, and im talking to her today and she tells me she is SEVEN months gone... (uh ok)

And now this one tells me she is 5 weeks gone and i had my chance with her last summer.


Wtf? Any other chick want to get with me then go get pregant or claim its mine please form an orderly cue.

What a crock of shit/.html


Tell your women to come to england and get pregnant to anyone!

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No guys no I aint slept with the crazy one, the one before that she made me put a rubber on.

I only want a chick with intelligence and a personality , i had one before but she hated me.

I always attract lunatics.

I cant wear a condom im catholic :)

Just kidding.


I know I should wrap up then they cant pull the baby card trick.

I had an STD check and Im clean.

Dont worry guys im on the ball.

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Here's a thought, perhaps find a girl you want to actually be with (duration) before sleeping with her? Lol.

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