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All Time Favorite N64 Game


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This one is kinda hard for me, because there is so many great classics on N64.


Theres so many great Mario games, Mario Party and Mario Tennis for example. Plus all the other great games there was for this system. Paper Mario was a great favorite of mine, but I would have to say my favorite of all time is most likely Bomberman 64. I still need to buy it :D good thing its cheap.

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n64 eh?


Well a lot of great games come to mind,,, bond game, perfect dar, paper mario excite bike 64, but in all honesty nothing prepared us for mario 64, that was the first and best game released on the n64.

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OMG!! i can't believe you guys didn't mention "Conker's Bad FUR DAY!!"

this got to be the best game ever on any system!! DAMN!! :lol:






Fix your color tag.






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