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  1. OMG! Project 64 screwed me..... i'm playing CBDF, and i turned on the ceat codes, which includes "pots of cash", right now i'm at where you have to pay $1000 toll fee, but strangely enough, all i had was $750. i used guide book to collect all the cash as i went through every level, but i realized 'pots of cash' is only $750 and even if you have collected any extra cash, it won't go up or down. so what is there to do?? i collected all the cash so there's no more left and i'm stuck here with 750...........this is my second time doin it again so i don't really want to start from beginning....it there a game shark thingy for Proejct 64?"? HELP!!
  2. i've been Playin "Conker's Bad FUR DAY' on Project 64. and as i play, i ran into couple of problems. First problem, the game froze couple of times then automatically restarted my computer and when i tried it again, Project 64 won't recongnize the rom. (so i had to download it again and over write it in the same folder) it was the part where Conker had to fight against 2 demons (one of them shoved Cigar up his ass) in the boiler. once i beat them, it didn't freeze any more. 2nd, sometimes, if i leave my computer on for too long, the sound goes off. i tried to see if there's something wrong with my sound card by running WINAMP, but MP3 files worked fine. so i have no idea what the problem is. Did any of these happened to you guys?? and plus.....is there a better N64 emulator than Project 64 for windows XP? i totally love Project64, but it lags when i play Mario GOLF........
  3. i like Wrestle Mania 2000 better because of its fast game play, and Most Importantly, The Rocks' face looks alot better in WM2000!
  4. OMG!! i can't believe you guys didn't mention "Conker's Bad FUR DAY!!" this got to be the best game ever on any system!! DAMN!!
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