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I lost alot of my math prowess... even though, this SHOULD be simple for me. But nooooo


for easy example starting from 100 and an increment of 100.















if I start from 100, and every time it increases by 100, a total of 10 times = 5500 ... how can I calculate this quickly?

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will what the fuck are u talking about lol


I second that...you made no sense. You need to start at 100, increment by 100 and wind up with 5500 in only 10 steps? Impossible...there has to be more to the equation than that.

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If you start from 100, and add 100 every time, the increment of increase is 100.


Im trying to figure this out for leveling purposes.


Incremental increase of 100


lvl 2 100xp needed

lvl 3 200xp needed

lvl 4 300xp needed

lvl 5 400xp needed

lvl 6 500xp needed

lvl 7 600xp needed

lvl 8 700xp needed

lvl 9 800xp needed

lvl 10 900xp needed

lvl 11 1000xp needed


A total of 5500xp is needed to hit lvl 11 in my example. How can I quickly calculate incremental increase? You could take 100 and add 100 over and over, then add each of the dividends and add them together to get the final answer, but there should be a formula to calculate this.

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Yes. if I need 10 levels, and the xp necessary increases by the same # each time, How do I calculate the needed Xp considering the incremental increase? It doesnt matter, I can always do it the long way... but it bothering me... I want to know how to do it quickly and I cant find the solution


To hell with it, I gotta get back to it. Perhaps I'll see if anyone knows later on.

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I'm assuming lvl 2 requires 4500 XP?


The easy solution is 5500 x 10 - 1000 (10 levels compounded, 10 levels at 100 increments)


I think...I did it manually per level and it worked out. It's late and I'm tired though.

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