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LightGun Types/Features


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I need to find out how many types of LightGun are used for emulation or gameplay on the original Xbox.

I understand that there are a lot of different brands.

This can lead to problems with emulators (more often) due to button layouts.

Then there are the type of gun, i mean Flash type or Infared guided ones.

The Flash type of Gun won't work with LCD or Plasma type TV's.

As probably a lot of users have found out.

To compound things further there are adapters allowing the use of peripherals from other machines.

So all in all a mixed bag of possibilities. Some have the right buttons some don't.

So if you wish to offer information use the example of mine below.


Gun = EMS LCD TopGun

Type = Infared guided

System = Xbox

Buttons = Start, Back,Thumbstick, A, B.



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Your most useful lightguns being made these days are ones that try to work on everything. Everything being PC, Xbox and PS2. (PS3 compatability is often labled but not actually true, coz they don't have Guncon3 support). So they're made with a bunch of connectors, and Guncon2 support for the PS2 games, (Which will work on some PS3s). This means they need Start, Back, A, B, C buttons and a D-Pad. The Topgun is the best example of this, although I have seen a couple of others. But the thing is, they don't have Guncon1 support, which means they can't be used on the older PS1 games like Time Crisis and Survivor. The gun I have for the PS2 has support for Guncon1, Guncon2 and normal modes, so I can use it on any PS1 or PS2 game. For me, someone needs to make a cross-platform gun with this feature.


Edit: Regarding Xbox only lightguns, they all seem to be flash type, and they all seem to have the same buttons. Start, Back, A, B, and a D-Pad/Thumbstick. Remember the idea was to have games like Survivor where you walk around, but none were ever made for the Xbox, so the thumbsticks were rendered useless apart from controlling menus. Then there was that big sniper rifle for Silent Scope Complete, but asside from the motion sensing scope, which basically acted as a duplicate B button, it didn't have anything different.

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I wouldn't be so sure about a converter. The Guncon requires a special input to the video signal (the yellow ended one on the Guncon) as well as the regular Playstation controller input (the wide one). While there are converters for making a regular PS1 controller work on an Xbox, I've never seen anything that could deal with the video input.


This does beg the question of whether using an Xbox lightgun will actually work on lightgun games in PCSXbox. The Xbox lightguns only plug in via the usb control ports, and the Guncon games seem to look for the special video input to verify that a Guncon compatible gun is being used. In theory, an emulated game would make the same check, and if it doesn't find the video input, it wouldn't work. Having said that though, I have seen a video of someone using the Topgun to play Time Crisis: Titan project on ePSXe.

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Can't beat the original Dreamcast lightguns, I have two with rumble packs. I also have an original Saturn gun too. Sega made lightguns well. Always on target.

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Correct, Sega do (did) make the best (accurate) Guns.

I have the official DreamCast Gun which looks like something outta Halo.

Still its very accurate. I also use rumble packs in them.

Also agree the Saturn Gun was unbelievably accurate.


The Beretta 92 Gun for xbox is the best quality peripheral ive ever seen.

£45 each though. I bought 2 just for House of the Dead and emulators but alas my SDTV died

so i now have the LCD TopGun (Beretta rip off, but ok) and a spunky HD Tv.

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Have you ever used either of those guns in PCSXBox? I'm curious as to how an emulated Guncon game would react to a non Guncon gun. I'm just wondering if the emulator is written with a feature that tricks the game into thinking the gun is a real Guncon (Bypassing the need for the Guncon video input). ePSXe on the PC must have that feature, coz PC lightguns only plug in via usb.

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Looks like ePSXe needs to be ported to Xbox then, or it's Guncon workaround added to PCSXbox.

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