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LightGun Types/Features

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No, but I'm just saying if someone did make some sort of lightgun emulator, ePSXe may be a place to get code that allows Guncon games to work. :thumbsup1:

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Good point. Its a shame cause most people who port are PC fans at heart.

Then there is the limiting factor of whether they have invested in a LightGun.

If not, no interest in LightGun code seems to be the norm.

The irony is Guns, Steering Wheels etc. are what the Arcade feeling is all about.

Not just rows and rows and rows of button bashing Street Fighter clones.

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True. Whenever I actually went to an arcade to play games, it was the gun games I played. The Topgun supposedly works very well with MAME on the PC. Lightguns also work on Kega, but they shoot off centre a little coz of some reason or another. But that can be overcome by purposefully calibrating the gun off centre in the other direction.

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i recently bought the cheap green light guns off ebay:




they suck. they have a,b,x,y buttons, a rapid fire, burst fire, normal fire option, a reload on/off switch (not sure hoe it works) white and black buttons + d-pad. they sucked in any emulator (i could only get it to work in coinops and didnt try fbl) and was mediocre at best in house of dead 3. they registered but only for part of the screen on my hdtv (panasonic 4:3 1080i) and where shaky and glitchy.


i would love to have a working light gun for all the old school lightgun games (duck hunt clay shooting especially) but after this im discouraged unless others can persuade me other wise.

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lol, those Guns look, risky, at best. However you did get a free Remote.

Or was it buy the Remote and get 2 dodgy Guns free ?

They look nasty, if you are interested in LightGuns for Xbox/PC games or emulators then

the EMS LCD TopGun is a good piece of kit. Works with HDTV's and on PC's.

Works with any emulator thats Gun compatible.

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