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Does your left analog stick drift?


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Is this natural for an original Xbox controller? Whenever i play ScummVMX or adjust the screen setting in an Xport emu it moves on it own (the y-coordinate to be precise).

this happens to me as well,maybe there is an option to decrease the senstivity of the left analouge stick in the options.

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I have about 20 XBox controllers and this has happened to me before. It even happens in XPORT emulators when you're trying to alter skin configurations, such as where the artwork and movies go.


From my experience, it's a controller thing. I have about 20 XBox controllers now and some just work better than others. They're all used controllers, so I have no idea how old they even are. I never even joined the scene until they officially stopped selling them, well after the 360 came out.


Definitely, if you're using an off brand controller change it up, but I would suggest finding another M$ official controller and seeing if you get any better results.




P.S. Might I also suggest splicing a USB with a broken controller cord and making yourself a way to use a keyboard and mouse on the Box. They work great with the DOS based emus.

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Official Xbox controllers are great, but this a problem with most of them. After a while the sticks will get a little stuck in one direction. Moving the stick in a circle for a while will usually help stop the drift.

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