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  1. Couldn't get this to run via disc or on the hard drive. Freezes at the title screen. I have patched the xbe...what else should i try?
  2. okay, thanks. Think I can figure this out...sent a PM about another issue.
  3. Okay missed that from the post, will try this.
  4. Don't mean to revive an older post but wanted to add I've actually had better luck with +R...but could just be my burner. Got a larger hd installed, so probably just play off it now.
  5. I have a logitech wireless controllers that has a pretty bad drift. Anyone have any experience with these? Took it apart but didn't really see any way to troubleshoot it.
  6. most people are using the videos from coinops reignite showcase with final burn legends,basicaly pointing the path.ini file to the coinops video folder. Fumanchu, Could I get a little more help on this...I have the coinops showcase file and already moved it to the xbox. What do I need to do next to get FBL going? thanks
  7. I have installed a 40gb WD in a 1.0 box, and a 300gb WD in a 1.6 box. Partitioned the 300gb with xbpartitioner to have a 278gb F partition with 32K clusters. Hopefully no data loss will happen when I start to fill it up.
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