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How to make your facebook attractive to women.


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I wrote this purely for guys who are inexperienced with chicks and don't have much luck - just doing these things on face book will help them out till they get there own shit together; it also helps guys who are "nearly" there who just need a few apples and pears adding to there tree.

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^Nah myspace has died in popularity. Its still used, mostly by teenagers but facebook and twitter are the most popular social-networking sites. I was on facebook years ago when the myspace trend blew up and thought it was a better site but now that facebook has become mainstream i've lost interest.


Oh I get it, it's kool to be unkool. Noice. :)

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Oh I get it, it's kool to be unkool. Noice. :)

Well, I forgot to mention the issues with privacy. I'm not doing it to be cool I just have no interest in the site anymore. I signed up when it was young and where it was headed was unknown but now its full-fledged and its not proving to be desirable. I admit I don't like being up on some social-phonebook where ppl I used to know/don't keep in contact with anymore can come a "knockin'" so-to-speak. I dont want to be on that grid. Being a little isolationist maybe but thats how I feel. It was one thing when the site wasn't an internet sensation, now its become something more than just social networking.

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I have to throw this in:


Change your profile picture often it catches the eye - i use famous people that i like and when women see it and dudes they associate "new emotions" with the image - this is good stuff. I also put my own picture up now and then, i must change it once a week or something. And sometiems I will play the charecter I use in a picture, when I had clint eastwood I went round calling people zipper heads.


Build proof though with pictures of your self first though.

Ok ok ok im going!! :)

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Not its a pick up method - your doing attractive things that have been engineered to work your just taking a short cut in getting there.


Come on guys you all see that chick online and go "Hell yeah!" but how do you do it?

Well now you kinda know. I used to have this script of copy and paste text that you could use to open, then seal it was fucking amazing you got the same responses nearly all the time.

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How not to flirt from my facebook: An example of been laughed at and not with.


Chick i know: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) do i look happy!!!


(Look at me!!)


some guy: puttin thos Ann Summers toys 2 use r u? lol


(nice play random guy good opener! and immediately sets the tone for a "sexual conversation")


Chick I know: Ha ha ha talking about that i had 2 brand new ones delivered today,i know you like them so let me know and ill get ya discount haha!!! :P


(i could possibily be interested in having sex with you - but you might be a wussy guy are you a wussy?)


(Chick i know is an exellent flirt)


Random guy: r8 stuff! its been ages since i had a rubber cock up my bum!!!!! i feel like a virgin agen! hahahahahahahaha


(Random drops the ball)


Chick I know: ha ha ha ha well this one is called the thruster and i know you like that so ill get ya sorted lmao!!


(Nice try dumb ass Your not the one for me sure ill stomp on your balls like the little bitch you are and shove a dildo in your ass)


Random guy: na uv gt that wrong.... im known as "the thruster!!" bt fook it il giv it a go!! hahaha


(I am manly... ... um... Fuck it I do want a dildo in my ass!)


Chick I know: Ha ha ha known as the thruster!!!Thats good comeback haha!!You might like it too much and not go near a girl again lol!!!Dont be upsetting all those ladies whos after your bum haha!


(The thruster??? and your on about taking a dildo? i think you might be gay no use to me i have one kid - ill give you one more chance to impress me?????)


Random guy has now realised something amazing: He openly admits he wants a dildo in his ass, drops the ball, cant think of a dam thing to say while he gets that warm feeling in the back of his neck, women talk in secret code the abilatie to decipher it on-line is important as you have more time than in real life)


This chick is actually quite eager to find a new boyfreind she just cant find a MAN she has one child and a guy who like the above shows signs of "Will I upset her if I dont agree with her?" is allready loosing points in her selection process to be a good candidate for her and her son.

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