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How to make your facebook attractive to women.


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On been overwhelmed by a woman/girl that you really like.


This is for women of very high value.


You know when you see two stags lock horns?

That is basically what you do when you argue with another male in a social situation around women.

Us poor old guys can become so drawn into one women all we think about is her, we end up smiling over her, fantasizing about her and also beating our poles over her.


This is perfectly normal healthy stuff as long as your not hiding in her hedge or waiting round the back of her house for her when she comes home - we cant help how we are wired and nor can the women.

But I know a secret that will turn this all on its head.

Something that will stop all these emotions and feelings of despair ruining your chances with the girl you want.


It has been proven that men can be "hypnotised" by a woman he finds highly desirable.

He will be extra nice to her, buy her gifts and take all kinds of pains and emotional destruction to be with her which in turn effects his own quality of life and secretly hate any attention she gives to any other male.


The "trick" is to not be that guy!


If a woman knocked on your door right now - and you answered it and she was pretty damned hot and she declared she had fallen for you in every way possible...


If it was me she would have no money left, a sore ass, and blisters from cleaning my house.




If you let your emotions overwhelm you the woman will treat you like this - additionally she will find you unattractive too.

Not fair huh? when all you want to do is treat her like a princess.


Don't let women's looks, figure, and social standing overcome you - its a one way ticket to pain city and you will be the driver to your own misery.

She wont date or respect a begging doggy that does tricks and behaves him self at all times for her.

This will cause the opposite of attraction in her head its this "Another little doggie doing what I tell him to do."

And really hot women GET THIS ALL THE TIME.

Or a one way ticket to a "friends list."


So what do you do?


This sounds pretty predictable but you have to be "manly."


You have to be comfortable around hotties and good looking women but you also have to have to give out the vibe of "So? your good looking! fuck you what other tricks can you do? Buy me a beer."


Now that sounds like a jerk and it is but your only thinking it!!!

Not saying it!


Attractive women can chew you up in Oh I dunno about one minute flat and spit you out - they are really good at blocking off approaches because they happen all the time, they nip to the shop, a guy falls in love with her, she asks for directions a guy falls in love with her, she throws up on a guy, he falls in love with her...


Here is what I love to do -


If she is hot, attractive and obviously stuck up her own ass I have a HEAP of shit that works wonders.

I wont "chase a hot women" infact I will do what you think is crazy. I will deter her from feeling attraction for me so she does feel attraction!


Ya feel me grasshopper?


If i do have to approach a hot woman I will pick out a spot when its OK to do so not when she is dancing, not when she stood next to a turbo bass speaker, and not when she is surrounded by 12 guys with boners.


I will look at her and say Hi how you doing?


Then i will find something on her that is "out of place" hot women are not used to been negatively remarked at.

"Have you thought about going blond?"

"You got a bit of sleep in your eye."

"Hard day huh?"


By using a neg as its known you devalue her and any conversation then will be her proving her self to you.

But dont keep negging her lol - some guys keep it up for like 5 minutes or something and she runs out of the pub waving her arms around crying or getting some big guy to fuck you up.


Once you have her proving her self to you you can easily pick her up.

But that takes practice - anyway this should do for now.

Remember if you want the hot chick man up and bust some balls but dont be a jerk do it charmingly.

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