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How to make your facebook attractive to women.


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Just for you guy's out there looking to use the social site as a pick-up place for meeting women.


Ok going to places like plenty of fish, tagged, or myspace are all very well and good but guess what? They lack something and you know what that something is?




Because the sole purpose of sites like the above (ok not myspace but pretty much) is to seek out sexual partners, women might say "Just here for the laugh" or "My friend said I should try this." What they are actually saying is "Oh fuck I can't get a boyfreind I cant believe I'm doing this, no doubt they will all be cranks sending me pictures of their cocks in the first message they send me!"


if a woman messaged you on-line who was attractive and the convo went like this:


Her: Wanna fuck lets meet up NOW!


I don't give a rats ass what you say even a "desperate" guy would go over this with a fine comb, get the willies and not find her attractive because of the manner that she approached him in, the same can be said for guys of all ages still "Doing it wrong." And coming across as a dithering idiot. The only people that do this kind of meet up online are self confessed swingers, perverts, and cranks. And you don't want to be any of them when meeting a potential long term girl.


Ok I will now list the main factors in having a face book that is highly attractive to women.




Not a guys strong point online and a word that is kind of annoying to any bloke with women.


In the past year i have met and boned around five women through face book and At this moment I have about another 4 with "LTR" or "Long term relationship" on the back burner. (people i met prior in real life too)

Not bad for a place I was going to use anyway right?

And none of the women I have met have been Low quality or yucky whores that melt condoms either.


Patience online is important it portrays a million attractive things to the woman that they DONT even know your doing to them.






Status updates:

Don't hound them - don't jump on every little thing they say or do - you will become an irratance - unknowingly but people who constantly talk to the same person or interact with online can quickly become boring and your cock will be placed back in the hot dog tin with the rest of them. (deangelos)


Patience displays lack of neediness, that you have a life away from the computer.

Think of your self as a dollop of mustard - the rest are all bread and water but when you show up or say something its a nice hot taste. By the way you can replace mustard with , hunny, choccy, or stake just write your own metaphore.


You might only get one or two meet ups in the first year or maybe none at all BUT EVENTUALLY... This shit is like eating an amazing choclate just one... But then you have two... and before you know it your eating ten of the fuckers a day.


Social proof & pictures


Social proof is the same as TRUST but it works in different ways.


Firstly a guy who posts pictures up of him self taken by him self is a lot less attractive than a guy who is pictured with his buddys SMILING, My freind online has only pictures of him self never smiles and has a "Bleak" out look online - in all the time I have snooped his shit out I noticed only one woman showing interest and when I said "hey bud that chick is into you why dont you try and meet up?" He replied with the usual "I have 100000000000 zillion reasons not to do that."

Guess what? His genetics are losing the battle.


Women dont just look at you and work out that your so mystical and dam hot that she better worship the floor you walk on - NOT GONNA HAPPEN. YOU GOTTA EARN THAT SHIT.


Pictures of you with your family even if its just your mum, sister or brother show you are a "family guy" and women "love" guys who tend to their own flock because some place in her little sub concious switches are flicking in your favour maybe its just a passing thought in her such as "Babys??? safe, family man." :)


On my facebook i have pictures of me making a snowman for my sisters little girl - This was a genuine occasion but guess what? It BOOSTED my attraction a billion times.


Get pictures of you and your friends having a good time, and a few pictures of relaxing moments like sitting in the park or whatever.


Its all well and good having 9889899 friends on your list but do you actually interact with any of them?

If you give out good vibes on their pages they will give them back to yours again EARN it.

Women who see men talking online, goofing around, having fun, and talking about the odd "serious stuff" shows you are a "social creature."


Does she want to hang with insecure bob who only has pictures of him self looking grumpy with no friends?


Or does she want to hang with John because he looks like a shit load of fun and actually smiles?


Don't be a social outcast - and you will attract women.


Display humour and loving nature to develop an emotional bond with the woman


Cold manly men who cant loosen up or accept that their brain is a fucking emotional shit hole cut them serfs off from others including women.


Ok a few times like guys who work out and have muscles coming out of their eye lids do find the odd truffle - but this is based purely on a primitive physical attraction "Knuckle heads" are exactly that and attract that type of woman, who is also an empty head and is probably in to drugs too, don't ask why but every chick I know who goes for the steroid/buff/empty headed guy normally has big fucking issues with loyalty, morales, intelligence, and standards, cold people attract cold people in some cases.


So remember the "Big guys" your secretly scared of will be TERRIFIED of you because your social hip, he might have muscles in the arms but you got it where it REALLY counts in the old cog factory.

These guys are no challenge at all. :)


On using humour to attract


Show emotion - use humour - and most IMPORTANTLY of all show your PERSONALITY.


I often get called "Nutcase" or "Are you sane today" by women I see in the street who look at my face book - i just smile and say "pretty much."

EVERY chick I see in real life always says "But you're so funny!!!!" They laugh go red and you can see their emotions saying "Receive his sperms!!"


Learn to be funny learn to be a little too cocky! :)




A guy who is not funny:


Eric: I jumped over a fence. I landed in some shit. I had a shower. lol????


A guy who is funny:


I jumped over this fucking fence today man what the fuck! I landed on a big old hunk of shit in my new trainers! Its ok though when I got home I punched my mother in the ribs for the cost of my embaressment. Just kidding! Look before you leap!


Nothing like humour to ATTRACT so learn to use it!!! Develop a GREAT if not a fucking awesome personality.


Oh and be careful when including your self in the joke:


You: A guy fucked me in the ass in prison.

Then his buddys did. They put a magazine in my mouth and spat down it too.




You: A guy tried to fuck me in prison so I I pulled my pants down and wiggled my fine ass at him and while he was entranced with me i drop kicked him in the face took his smokes and shoved his ass out of my cell.




Slight difference but BIG to the woman.


Thats all I got for now but I hope it helps you improve your online game.

Love and respect,


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You are awesome for saying that.

Bring social proof to the table.


EDIT: I'm going to write up some more a little later about displaying skills/talents and how to use them to attract - if you get this shit right - it gets really easy!

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2nd and final part to improving your attractive quality's with facebook.


Eventually a chick will look at your facebook page and have a REALLY good snoop around, they will even go through your history of posts, look how you interact with other people and all kinds of shit - they are very clever when they need to be.


So what are you going to put in your info box?


This does not seal or brake any deals but it does help if there is something in there that denotes an active, intelligent male.


An unatractive male puts this in his info boxes:


Smoking copious amounts of weed,

snorting coke of hookers ass cracks,

drinking lots of beer,

lying on the couch watching TV

Moaning about my weight

eating more cheeseburgers


Dont ever put you take drugs! Unless your into drugs then that is up to you. (your already on the wrong path there sport if you do so pack it in before you get addicted)


I know ya feel me here guys so an attractive guy will put:


Jogging, playing sports, bit of weight lifting, i like to train now and then in martial art of your choice. (proves your not a total flump and could stand your ground if other jackasses tried something) hanging out with the lads, etc etc





Psychology, philosophy, colouring in, (im not kidding!) guitar/piano singing


Make it bright.

Like I said your info box is something only a REALLY REALLY interested woman will LOOK AT.

Passer bys or fairy heads float of to the next shiny thing, so make sure you are the shiny thing she is looking at.


Moving on:


When your facebook page becomes used a lot and you will find women post up a lot on your comments - now here is where sometimes you will be "Tested" when a guy notices your face book page has quite a few women interacting with you they will ALWAYS come in and try to steal a bit of your thunder, deal with it because its going to happen.


Some of the shit Me and my buddys rib each other on facebook about are funny - but sometimes you will get an insecure guy think "FUCKING WANKER!!! LOOK AT ALL THEM WOMEN!!"


And he will float up in your status updates with some insecure bullshit


You: Hey all i just broke the world record for been the best.


AFC(Average frustrated chump): The best at sucking cock and chatting shit like you always do on here you win it hands down. (you can tell the difference when someone is messing about and when someone fires of a shit test at you and is basicly been a twat with you)


Chick who likes you will see this and go "Ohhhhhhhh!" I wonder what he will say!


Now this is gonna go a few ways:


1. you lose your temper and say get the fuck outta my face talking shit to me then delete the cunt. (perfectly acceptabile but better ways to deal with to prove you are a LEADER OF MEN)


2. You ignore it. (but this guy will be back if you dont nip it in the bud and he will eventually disrespect you and OTHERS WILL TOO AND WOMEN DON'T LIKE GUYS WHO GET DISRESPECTED ALL THE TIME)


3. You use our friend humour to defuse the situation.


You: Man that's not cool bro I don't appreciate you talking like that to me.


AFC: Yeah well..... .... ...... (defeated knows hes been a jerk if he keeps escualting keep your cool in the end these guys always end up looking like AFC what he is really saying to you is "How the fuck do you do it!??")

Some of my best friends have been guys I have argued with.


i only let other guys rib me because they respect me an I respect them if its some guy you hardly know but have added then this could happen KEEP YOUR FACE BOOK CLEAN show her you have a line and it wont be crossed (this will show you are a man and you have boundaries that you wont accept been crossed women are VERY clever with little subtle things like this and she wont respect what you have no respect for while we get busy raging at guys they now know you have a button that can be pushed so its important that its kept under wraps)


Display any talents or skills you have


Pictures or videos are good if you are artistic upload pictures play the guitar upload a video when you know your target is going to see it of you playing.


That's about it guys - I think that's about as much as your gonna need - and remember when you have her attracted you can have your wicked way with her or keep her its up to you but don't let women you have pumped come on your facebook and wreck it, it will sour any current targets you have planned.


Good luck!



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^It's just useless. I don't whore the site updating it every hour with random, pointless stuff. I see some people on it constantly updating it with news or the latest discount sales or whatever, anything current and its like they feel more useful or special by doing this? I don't care about keeping in contact with the ppl on it because you really don't talk to any of those ppl and the only reason i'm still on it is to check on my gf.

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Online isnt for everyone - I quit myspace as I found it extra annoying.


i think facebook is really poplor in england compared to the USA I still think myspace is more of the yanks way of doing ATM.


Im constantly online reading writing and facebook sits in the corner I just figured out what works and shared with you all. :)

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^Nah myspace has died in popularity. Its still used, mostly by teenagers but facebook and twitter are the most popular social-networking sites. I was on facebook years ago when the myspace trend blew up and thought it was a better site but now that facebook has become mainstream i've lost interest.

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I think it was 6 months ago when I really had given up on facebook but then thats when it hit me, the more fun i had for myself and my friends the more attention I got from others.


I still struggle with anything in the looks department that is an 8 or above but I've gone from only getting 7s to 8s a lot more often than not now.

I pre select carefully when I notice a chick on another status - I have EMBARRASSED myself LOADS and learned what works so you dont have to go through all that :)

The really pretty ones are normally quite and very hard to "open" I mean you use awesome material on them and they just dont "get it" some of them are thick as fuck - while others who never shut the hell up are obviously easier to engage.


I've creeped women out, been called stalker, made them shit there pants everything you can think off.

I once called the hottest bitch ever a squint eyed chick who looks like she has mild down syndrome...



I've tried all kinds of shit to get their attention one time i timed my self (I'd had a few beers) i said "Wonder how long it takes to get that bitch who has never once talked to me to ban me?"

i did it in 4 minutes!!! :)


I have fun...

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