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cbagy videos question


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Cbagy is currently creating high quality emulator videos right? Im in the process of renaming my sega cd isos for the videos and am really looking forward to them. Does anyone know when the ResXtras page will be updated with cbagys complete video sets? I can be patient I was just curious. Thanks.

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Cbagy is working on HQ videos for the main Sega Genesis/Megadrive games

His progress looks like it's coming along nice.


Rxtras integration is currently pending, until he finishes his whole set and we can see if any further formatting still needs to be made.


Rx said major updates will be released for all "major systems" (snes, nes, genesis) shortly after the new year. (maybe sooner) :)

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We're so close to finishing all of the major console emulators now that I'd really like to just start putting them all together when they're all ready. That way, there will be time for people to add higher quality videos like cbagy has been doing and MM? plans to do for SNES. Also, we're still missing about 250+ videos for the 3 gameboy systems still, , and quite a few for Atari 2600 and Atari 800, so I'd like to have those done as well. Really, it's not a lot of videos that still need to be done compared to the thousands that XBscene members have contributed on top of the even more thousands that were acquired from emumovies.


In the mean time, I'm still in the process of upgrading artwork for all of the systems, and although I control a lot of the speed of this process myself, there are quite a few things I'm still waiting on from other people before I can finish them.


My statement on releasing these things so soon only really occured after I was able to single handedly complete the synopsis work for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color within 3 1/2 days. I never imagined I could do it, but I really upped the concentration level to get that done. Really, the only synopsis work that needs to be done now besides the occasional add that somebody lets me know about is the Gameboy Advance which stands at over 1,000 roms on its own.


I'm actually hoping to have everything released in late February or early March.


I'm fairly confident that I can get everything on my end done in that time frame the way things have been going, but we've got the holidays ahead of us and a large part of what still needs to be done is dependent on how quickly contributors can get their end of the work done.


Working as fast as I can. Trust me..... nobody wants this project completed more than me. I work probably twice as many hours on this project now as I do my paying job. I need some sunlight this spring/summer.




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