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  1. Hey I hope this isnt interpreted as spam but I recently bought a modified Sega Saturn controller that had been converted to a ps1 and ps2 controller. You can use this as im sure many people know with a ps1/2 ---> xbox 1 controller converter (id recommend a xjoybox converter) and use the saturn pads perfect layout and excellent d-pad to play sega genesis, arcade, anything you want pretty much. I see that he has posted another saturn controller and I thought someone might be interested. Playing emulators with this controller is nearly identical experience of a genesis pad. If anyone want to check it out just search "saturn ps2" on ebay. For about $50 I think its a great investment if you love emulators.
  2. wow im a moron. the button was getting stuck i think. i wish there was a button for stupid people.
  3. Im using an official japanese saturn ps2 pad for final burn legends (and a standard dual shock 1) for my emulators. It works great with final burn legends 1.3 but once i exit a rom it automatically loads it again every single time. I really dont want to have to have a controller s plugged in just for exiting this emu had anyone else had this problem? I tested it with a controller s and it doesnt reload so its definitely something with the psx/ps2 controller converter.
  4. Hey guys. I have a weird question. In the newest neogenesis I have all the xtras 1.0 setup beautifully using singularity all previews wide skin. However in 1080i certain preview videos wont play the first time and you have to scroll up and down and essentially try again and then they will usually work. Does anyone know why this is ? I need to have all my emus in 1080i to satisfy my need for highest resolution possible. There seems to by no rhyme or reason as to which ones will load and which wont (its different everytime) However in 720p vids load 100% of the time perfect. I would guess some type of ram limitation or something? Has anyone experienced this or know a fix?
  5. You know all the emus that they dont have for xbox1 like 3D0, PS1 (with near perfect compatibility), Dreamcast, maybe , saturn, and newer mame stuff ? (mostly defunct vintage games) Does anyone know if these will come out for ps3 homebrew with the same vigor seen on the xbox1 scene? I dont want to pirate any ps3 games just expand my home arcade with stuff that would benefit in the huge increase in performance and ram of a ps3? Id like to get a 2tb drive strictly for homebrew and emulators. my xbox1 hard drive is nearly full and I want to move onto something with more horsepower and hdmi. thanks.
  6. so now that this program has new cores like psx and n64 does that mean that you can play PSX games that wouldnt work on pcsxbox or is it the same? im very confused. Does inferno have better or the same compatibility as pcsxbox? I havent been on the forums here in a while and there is a lot of new stuff.
  7. Cbagy is currently creating high quality emulator videos right? Im in the process of renaming my sega cd isos for the videos and am really looking forward to them. Does anyone know when the ResXtras page will be updated with cbagys complete video sets? I can be patient I was just curious. Thanks.
  8. I just got this emulator last night. I haven't added roms yet but it looks great. Is this better than fbaxxxpro1.29c? I still have not decided on a FBA emulator to stick with. From the description it sounds like i should just stick with legends due to its hd features and compatibility. Will fullsets be released for this eventually? I never had a fba with 100% complete roms.
  9. What is the difference between Showcase and R3? Im getting a new 52 inch LCD and I wanna get the latest versions of Ignite. Do you PM Britneys Pairs for the download once R4 comes out??
  10. I have public beta final 1.0 . Is this still the newest release?
  11. BP was right I just disabled Video Enhancers and it worked.
  12. thanks stf. I tried Espa-Rade on ignitepubfinal1.0 and I got a malloc out of memory error. It works great in Coinops Gold. Is that just cause its in beta form? not complaining (you guys are saving the xbox emu scene!) , just curious. I beat Atari Batman in 720P with all the graphics enhancers and it looked awesome!
  13. Could someone real quick explain dats to me? I know they relate to accurate romsets or something. I ask because I seem to have alot of doubles in my romlist. It seems almost like Ignite came with certain roms because most say "added game" but some dont. Is it simply like that because the rom description columns arent there anymore showing the subtle differences between the roms?
  14. Anyone actually play through it successfully? My ISO loads so I assume its patched. I've definitely checked the compatibility list many times.
  15. I just purchased Rez HD and SF2 HD then signed off and disconnected the network cable successfully. I'll only maybe sign on again in the future when there are sports roster updates for games like nba 2k and madden. I would think this should be a pretty cautious approach.
  16. Thanks is there a way to delete answered threads that you have started? Dont see much point in keepin this one around
  17. I was considering signing up for the free xbox live silver to download Rez HD and Street Fighter HD on a modded console. I think I have Ixtreme but im not sure. I wanted to dl these two games, sign off of live, and disconnect the network plug forever. Is this possilble or will I just be banned too quick to get these games? Do you have to connect to xbox live to run these 2 marketplace games if successfully downloaded? I dont wanna play online just get these games. Thanks.
  18. I got about 85% of the way through the game on pcsxbox. There were a few flaws but it was still great. However, when I get to the boss that takes a big swipe at you (i think the 2nd to last boss) and you duck, it glitches out. The timer on the boss battle eventually runs out because the game gets stuck and you cant move the main character. Has anyone ever beaten the WHOLE RE3 on xbox and did they have special settings or version? I tried multiple versions of the game from different sources, ntsc, pal, etc and I cant figure it out. Im pretty sure I used multiple versions of pcsxbox as well.
  19. Popful Mail is a great game. I enjoyed it because it has good voice acting and gameplay. Thank god Working Designs showed this game some love.
  20. How about Batman by Sunsoft? I got Batman , Joe Montana 2 Sports Talk Football, and Sonic christmas 91 and this was by far the best xmas ever. Any fans of this game? Great music and graphics for the time.
  21. I've been playing Illusion of Gaia how about you guys? I need some new games to play on 1080i on my Xbox
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