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Some people do my head in on facebook.


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You get these mothers and they do their status updates talking about paedophiles like this:


I hate paedophiles I want them to DIE! Holy shit I have found the names of 6 Knows paedophiles on facebook - Jim white - bob white stacey collins!! Copy and paste EMERGENCY!!!!! OMGFG THE POLICE KNOW!!


Then you get the whiny fucks who join groups like "Hang child killers!!!!" "Death penalty for paedophiles!!!" "Lets burn and nail paedophiles to a tree by there balls!" HOLY SHIT GET OUT THE PITCH FORKS AND TORCHES WE GOT US A PEADO!


My sister has two babys and I adore kids (most of them) but I dont run round like a headless chicken waving a flag that screams "OMFG!!! WE FOUND A PAEDOPHILE!!! LETS HANG HIM! Quick we have found something to despise!!!


And if you say anything like

"hey calm down why dont you try looking at this level headedly? - they look at you like your a piece of shit probably thinking "i bet your a secret paedophile HUH!!!!"?


What is it with these morons?


For one I wouldn't let my kids on a social networking site until i knew they had some brains about them.

To keep an eye on your kids is just basic stuff.


of course paedophiles are automatically hated and despised its your children but sat at your PC desk declaring "i have found a nonce!" is something that worries me somewhat.

What do they do sit at their PC desk all day become some kind of loan wolf in detecting paedos?


I dont want to know nor care about "tim" the potential peado because by the time you have hounded him out of town and he was proven not guilty id already played video games.


If you spent more time keeping an eye on your kids than updating and chasing down international peado rings maybe there would be less to worry about.


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Its kinda strange i mean - they do a status update like this "John smith - eleen dingle - bob marly - and shady bob are peadophiles! copy and paste tell everyone you know!"


But what she failed to spot was that "Alison brown was on HOLIDAY! the status NEVER got to alison! Her and her 5 kids are now doomed to life of misery!


Also how many Bob smiths on facebook are they? Come on peado spotters we need the area they live - their address...


Do you see what I mean here?

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I suppose all this is in repsonse to the girl who got 'Lured to her death on Facebook' recently. Thing is if she hadn't been so damn stupid as to add a complete stranger in his forties as a friend and then agree to meet him, she wouldn't have got killed by a complete stranger in his forties from Facebook. The whole idea for Facebook originally was that you only add friends that you know in real life. Now people add random nobodies and start talking to them and give out thier addresses and stuff, and then complain about the consequences. Stupidity invites death.


Now excuse me while I go talk to my new friend Tim. He's 56, I've never met him before, he keeps sending me pictures of his weiner, and next weekend he wants me to dance for him in a lay-by on the M25. Can't wait.

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Yeah, I don't think that those kind of people are contributing anything helpful to society. It's one thing to say "hey, this man was arrested for pedophilia so don't let him talk to your children." and another to act ridiculous.


First, my child (or any of my future children for that matter) will not be on a social networking site until they are old enough and responsible enough to be cautious. They will have strict boundaries regarding stuff like that. Problem is, too many "parents" are too busy wanting to be on their kid's "good side" and want to be more friends than parents. It's the parents job to teach the child right from wrong and the ability to discern people and their motives.


As for the pedophiles, we all have to remember that they are people. They have a problem that needs to be fixed. Some of them don't like what they do and can't help themselves (watch Ted Bundy's last interview.) Instead of shouting profanities and threats to these people, they need to reach out and find the means of getting these men and women the help they need. I'm not saying that they shouldn't be punished for their actions but that is what the law is for. Everyone has to pay the consequences for anything they do wrong.


People are just so ready to fly off the handle and can't think logically on what's best for everyone.

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This subject raises a lot of friction and anger - in most cases if a person who was kiddy fiddled (sorry crude) they would see this thread and just get angry as hell.


If i lived in the street and a peado lived over the road from me that would be different, very strong maternal emotions kick in and all hell can break lose.


But hera that's a good intellectual point that peados do have a problem, there wiring is all screwed instead of the brain filtering out primitive urges there's leaks through. Most people would just have them shot, especially if it was there own child. Castration is becoming common now for them.


people are not gonna solve the problem by running victor the peado over with there truck - it will result in victor been dead, and who ever ran him over getting lifed of in jail. and the kids losing there protection of one of their parents.

What im saying is, the problem is here and responding violently or hatefully will never fix the problem im not saying invite "pervy peter" to your house for tea while your kids are in the bath to discuss his problem...


The sad thing is a peado inst a peado untill he is caught.

Be vigilant but dont be a moron is all im saying :blink:


A year back a dumb guy got it in his head his neighbour was a peado (local to me) he beat this guy so savagely that the man broke all his jaw and choked on his teeth and vomit - it was later found out this man had zero convictions or anything else said against him about been a perv. The guy died and the idiot got lifed off. A complete waste of innocent life.

This is why the police protect people from them selfs in these cases.

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I performed a search in my neighborhood for registered sex offenders. Within an 8 block radius, there are 11 and remember, these are actually REGISTERED/CAUGHT. It's pretty scary. What I said above about remembering them as people, I still think it's the right mentality but I can make no promises that I wouldn't physically do something to someone if my child was harmed. I wouldn't necessarily kill the person but a child is defenseless and a parent has every right to be the defense regardless of law.


I remember I dated this guy and his father molested a 7 yr old girl. The parents of the neighborhood printed his picture and put it all over the city light posts and let everyone know what he was. I remember my ex was really embarrassed about it but he knew it was for a good cause. Even he was the target for some violence because people assumed if the dad did it, he would since there was a high chance he was messed around with when he was little. But his dad was all about little girls..not boys.


It's a sad world we live in.

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Recently a registered sex-offender who has served time and been released was arrested again because they've found 12 bodies or so on his property of various women who have gone missing in Ohio.


Rapists who are allowed to roam free after serving time are like time-bombs waiting to go off imo. Who is at fault? The rapist who claimed to be rehabilitated and convinced authorities to be allowed back into society or the authorities who let the freak back into society that eventually proved a failure at rehabilitation?


I think all sex-offenders or convicts in general that are paroled should be microchipped with a GPS tracking device of some sort, or some form of permanent ankle bracelet. Perhaps a pacemaker that monitors heart-rate and can be tracked/logged in real-time. The government's tried to initiate a nation-wide microchip to the population as it is, it shouldn't cost that much to microchip our all-too-large population of criminals.

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