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Some people do my head in on facebook.


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I'm religious and I'm ok with castration. But only it it were the last resort kind of thing.


Actually, no. How about you let them keep their junk and make them totally impotent. I'm sure that can be managed medically. That way, when they shower or look themselves in the mirror, they still have it but can't use it.

alot of damage can be done to a child with out the use of an erect penis. I'm sorry but I am on the 'kill em all' side of the argument. there's no such thing as rehabilitation for those kinds of criminals. (for most types of criminals really)

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hexter I like your theory but facebook to a lot of the users is like completely radical and essential to their life's now, they wont of run round making web sites like us, we are kinda like the grandads of the interent when you think about it.


True and that why I got a Facebook, I use that site to promote my self-hosted wordpress blog and thanks to the wordbook plugin and Facebook application I was able to integrate my blog with Facebook. But still I won't take anything seriously from Facebook, as I said it's just a website. ;)


I tried to make a facebook, I only added people I know and I still got stupid shit. Most of the people I know don't know computers well I guess. They kept adding all these stupid apps that would send constant spam and it seems like even the people I thought where pretty smart will still send around dumbass chainmail. The whole experience was just annoying. I can't stand the stupid interface on that site.


I have to agree with you, majority of Facebook users don't know much about computers, I just found out that you can actually ignore all future application invite from a certain friends and hopefully that should stop them sending constant spam. The Facebook team need to change how the interface works, we all need to be able to block all future application invites from all user not just certain users so we don't get too much crap going on.

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