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Component cables on xbox!


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ok im going to buy some component cables on xbox tommorow on ebay and i have been reading up on it.basically because i have a pal xbox then obviously i have to download the enigmah programme to change the dash to nstc to enable 720p.

i have also read that some people when changing their dashes to nctc get a black screen,now i am presuming its because they have older televisions and they can tdisplay in nstc.but i have a newer 37inch lcd so i think i should be ok.

so i have 2 questions has anyone with a newer television had any problem converting their dash from pal to nstc with a newer televeision and can you run enigmah off a disc ir can ou just put it on your xbox hdd??

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yup its the first time im going to be using hd on the xbox,figured with all these emus able to output in high definition mught as well give it a go.

any component cables i should stay away from or are they all much and such the same.

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Stay FAR away from Monster brand cables. For some unknown reason (shit quality?) the red color wire burnt out on both my Monster PS2 and Xbox component cables (in different years).


Ever since i made the switch to the cheapest no-name brand on eBay i haven't had any troubles since, and as far as my eyes can discern, there's absolutely no difference in the quality on-screen (Monster is supposedly the most expensive brand you could buy).

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42inch plasma....I have the switcher installed on the HDD, and have no probs with NTSC.


Cba.gy is spot on tho....playing coinops/Final Burn in hd is a sight to behold. I use FBA XXX pro 1.26, as it's the last one that I managed to get to work at 720p or 1080i.




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