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List of every emulator for xbox.


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This is a comprehensive list of every emulator for xbox,old and new.This is to help members who might not realise just how much different system are emulated on xbox.


>> AdamX

ColecoVision/Adam Emulator port for XBox.



>> Apple ][ Soul Captor

This is the first public release of this Apple ][ emulator for XBOX. By the way...it uses no XDK code.



>> ArnoldX

Emulates Amstrad CPC



>> Atari7800X

Atari7800X is an Xbox port of MESS, an Atari 7800 emulator.



>> AtariXLBox

AtariXLBox is a Atari 800/5200/130/320/XL/XE Emulator port for XBox.



>> BlissX

BlissX Intellivision Emulator port for XBox



>> BlueMSXBox

Emulates MSX/MSX2/MSX2+



>> Bochs

x86 (PC) emulator



>> CPX3

CPX3 is a Capcom Play System 3 emulator for Xbox1.



>> Centipede

Centipede emulator for Xbox build with OpenXDK.



>> DGen

DGen is a "Sega Genesis" Emulator for XBox.



>> DOSXBox

A port of DOSBox - a 286/386 PC Emulator - to XBox.

DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, etc., necessary for running many old DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux and FreeBSD. However, it is not restricted to running only games. In theory, any DOS application should run in DOSBox, but the emphasis has been on getting DOS games to run smoothly, which means that communication, networking and printer support are still in early developement.

DOSBox also comes with its own DOS-like command prompt. It is still quite rudimentary and lacks many of the features found in MS-DOS, but it is sufficient for installing and running most DOS games.



>> Daedalus X

Daedalus is a Nintendo64 emulator. Ported to Xbox by Hikaru



>> DaedalusX "LEAK"

DaedalusX "LEAK" is a N64 emulator for Xbox. Some games work, most dont. And no sound. Development has been stopped after the public leak of the executables.



>> DaphneX

Daphne is a Laserdisc Arcade Emulator for the Xbox.



>> Dega-X

It is a port of Dega , a Sega master system and the game gear emulator.



>> DegaBox

DegaBox is a Sega Master System / Mark III / Game Gear emulator for the XBox.



>> DreamSPEC (OpenXDK)

DreamSPEC is a Spectrum emulator that was build with the OpenXDK. Therefore it is legal to distribute.


>> eXtremeGB

eXtremeGB is a Gameboy/GBC emulator for the XBox.






>>Final Burn 1.1

This is a port of Final burn 0.517 and Final Burn Alpha,this emulator plays games that you wont find emulated anywhere else on the xbox like powerdrift,galaxy force2,turbo outrun...good emulation at 60fps even with 1080i hd enabled.also comes with a choice of software and hardware filters.



>>Final Burn Legends 1.3

This is a port of the pc version of Final burn alpha and has a lot of support for new games which were not included in final burn alphaxxx pro.

also plays in 480p,720p and 1080i hd modes,also includes video previews ans screenshot,marquees and loads of other display options.



>> FBA-X

FBAx is a port of FBA- an arcade emulator for CPS-1& CPS-2 arcade hardware. FBAx contains elements from MAME and Finalburn.



>> FBA-xxx Pro

FBA-xxx Pro is a port of FBA (emulator for MC68000/Z80, neogeo, cps2 and cps1 based arcade games).

FBA-xxx Pro is a a derivative build of FBAxxx(info), the main purpose of which is to add support for the latest and most accurate ROMsets available to the emulation scene. A great many changes and additions have been made to the rather outdated sets supported by the original build, including new parents, new clones, new bootlegs, support for both encrypted and decrypted Neo-Geo sets, as well as the latest CPS and other set updates from MAME. Alot of new code has been added to improve the accuracy of the emulation, there are some minor tweaks and bugfixes to the emulator itself, and a new default skin (a modified version of the excellent Fighter skin by Duracelleur) is included.

As of now the newest release for FBAXXXpro is version 1.29c by Kenshiro he has added a lot of new drivers to make new games playable on fbaxxxpro.



>> FBAxxx

fbaxxx is a port of FBA (emulator for MC68000/Z80, neogeo, cps2 and cps1 based arcade games).



>> FCEUltraX

FCE Ultra NES is a FDS "Famicom Disk System" NES "Nintendo Entertainment System" for XBox.



>> FMSXBox

A MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator for Xbox.



>> Frodo-X

Frodo-X is a "Commodore 64" Emulator for Xbox.



>> FuseX

It is a port a Xbox port of FUSE, the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator, and will allow you to play ZX Spectrum software on your Xbox games console.


* Spectrum 48, 128, +2 & Pentagon emulation.

* Most snapshot formats supported.

* Rzx playback (for playing back replays of spectrum games).

* Snapshot quick save & load.

* Virtual keyboard.

* Mapping spectrum keys to joypad buttons.

* Kempston, Sinclair & cursor joystick emulation.

* USB keyboard support.



Early Gameboy/colour/advance emulator for xbox.


>> Gens-X

A Sega Mega CD , 32X & SRAM(BRAM) emulator.



>> Gens_xport

GENS is a Sega Genesis/Megadrive/32X/SegaCD/MegaCD Emulator ported by Xport.



>> Gnuboy

Gameboy/Gameboy Color emulator



Early Atari lynx emulator for xbox.



>> HuGoX

HU-GO! PCE Emulator port for XBox v2



>> KI-Emu X

It's a port of of u64 V3.02 - a Killer Instinct 1 and 2 arcade emulator. This is LikkleBaer's little update to lantus' U64-X Emu project.



>> Kaster-X

KASTER-X is a SEGA MASTER SYSTEM videogame consolle emulator for XBOX.



>> Kawa-X

A Capcom CPS1, CPS2 and SNK NeoGeo emulator.



>> KegsX

Apple IIgs/e/c/+ Emulator port for XBox



>> KiXXX 1.0

KIxxx (Killer Instinct XXX) is an ultra 64 (yes the arcade one) emulator for XBOX, it only emulates KI1 and KI2. It is based on U64x from Lantus which is based on







>> Koleko-X




>> LynXBox

Emulates Atari Lynx (Handy)




MAME-X is a Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with a game's data files (ROMs), MAME-X will more or less faithfully reproduce that game on a Xbox. MAME-X can currently emulate over 1900 unique (and over 3300 in total) classic arcade video games from the three decades of video games - '70s, '80s and '90s.





MAMEdOX is a new port of MAME based on the MAMEoX project. It builds on what Bendermike did in his Bendermameox releases. MAMEdOX is based on "Bendermameox 21.01.05" and includes all his updates.


>> Coinops Epic r4

Coinops is an upgrade from mamedox1.1 with the different versions of coinops you get new additional features like 720phd,easy game selection and a very easy to use interface.also new games have been added to this emulator with driver work by iq 132 and britneyspairs,games such as osman,night slashers,skull fang...

Cores from other emulators have been added for example final burn legends,neogenesis,snes9xbox and so on.



MAME port on Xbox,last version mameox 0.843b.


>>MAMEox128 plus

This mame emu is an upgrade from mameox0.843b which was worked on by hk$.this version of mame gives you more options than coinops.

As of now Coinops ignite,Bendermameox and Mameox128 plus are the newest versions of mame for xbox.


>> MednafenX-Lynx

This is an Atari Lynx emulator for the Xbox ported from mednafen.


>> MednafenX-NES

This is an NES/Famicom Disk System/VS UniSystem emulator for the Xbox ported from mednafen.



>> MednafenX-PCE

This is an PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16/SuperGrafx/Arcade Card CD/CD/SCD emulator for the Xbox ported from mednafen.



>> MekaX

a Sega Master System/Game Gear/SG-1000/SC-3000/SF-7000/MK3 emulator for Xbox. It's a port of MEKA.




>> NeoCD/SDLx

NeoCD/SDLx is a Xbox port of the NeoCD/SDL neogeo CD emulator.

It is capable of running many original Neogeo CD games.

Xbox port based on v0.20 sources.


* Only reads real NeoGeo CD's

* Full CDDA audio

* Sound support

* 1/2 Player Support

* AdvanceMame2x, Simple2x, SuperSai2x, SuperEagle, Scanline Filters

* Region Selection

* Memory Card support

* Source code released


>> neocdsdlx unleashed

NeoCD/SDLx is a Xbox port of the NeoCD/SDL neogeo CD emulator, based on NeoCD/SDLx by Lantus. It is capable of running many original Neogeo CD games.

The "only" new compared to Lantus' port is iso/mp3 support.





>> NeoGenesis

NeoGenesis Sega Genesis/Megadrive/32X/SegaCD/MegaCD Emulator



>> NeoPop-X

NGPC (neogeo pocket color) emulator for xbox.



>> NeoPopX

NEOPOP NGPC (neogeo pocket color) port for XBox



>> Nester X

Nester X is a NES "Nintendo Entertainment System" emulator for the Xbox. (Port from PC)



>>NestopiaX 1.0

Nestopiax is a port of nestopia the NES/NES FDS emulator to xbox by nes6502.

this is the most accurate nes emulator on xbox and comes with a tonne of options,including cheats,preview vids,psynosis and a lot more besides.



>> OdysseyX

Emulates Odyssey 2



>> Oswan-X

A wonderswan emulator ported by Hikaru.



>> PCSXBox

A port of the PCSX emulator to Xbox. It emulates the Playstation1 console.



>> PJ64-X

PJ64-X is the first ever working N64 Emulator with sound support. based on Project 64 sources.



>> RDX

rdx (at this point at least) is a collection of new (but comparitivly) basic emulator ports along with very basic dashboard like functionallity.

The primary aim of releasing this is to try and stimulate the xbox homebrew dev community a little as things seem to be quieting down a bit lately.

You are encouraged to make as many changes to the code as you want and submit them back to us for inclusion in a future version.

There are a few, hopefully non-restrictive, licencing type rules at the top of dash.cpp about what you can and can't do with the source to team xos developed code. They are not there to limit what you can do with the code but more to ensure that you release the modified source to any released binaries to help the development community. Certain parts of the code written outside of Team XOS have slightly more restrictive licences but please always follow the licence the original developers have assigned to there code.

Everything is more than basic in this current version but features are:

* Emulates Snes, Nes, sms, megadrive

* Configurable rom, application and game paths via XML config file

* Dashboard style app launching

* The skelton code for some other features



>> SC3X

SC3X v0.01 is a SEGA SG-1000 videogame console emulator for XBOX.



>> SMSPlusX

SMSPlus is a "Sega Master System" emulator for the Xbox. (PC Port)



>> SarienX

SarienX is a Sierra AGI interpreter engine. You can find

more info at



. In real terms this application will play many of the old Sierra adventure games including Leisure Suit Larry 1, Kings Quest 1, 2 and 3 and others.

While XBochs does a fair job at this - this is a much better solution.



>> ScummVM Xbox

A port of ScummVM for the Xbox. Allows playing games based on LucasArts' Scumm (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) system.



>> ScummVMx

A port of ScummVM for the Xbox. Playing games based on LucasArts' SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) system.



>> Snes9XBox

SNES9XBox Super Nintendo Emulator for XBox v1 by Xport



>> Snes9x X

Port of Snes9x (SNES emulator) by Hikaru.



>> SpeXtrum

SpeXtrum is a ZX Spectrum emulator written from scratch for the XBOX, it is not a port of any existing emulator.



>> Stella

Stella Atari 2600 Emulator for XBox.



>> Surreal64

Surreal 64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator for the xbox which combines three Windows based Nintendo 64 emulators that have been ported to the Xbox. These emulators are 1964, Project64 and UltraHLE.

By porting three emulators we aim to improve the overall compatibility of the emulator.


- Three N64 emulators in one

- Greater compatibility/speed and flexibility

- Virtual Memory for Roms

- Per-Game Settings

- Mempack support

- Rumblepack support

- EEPROM/Sram support

- Savestate support

- Skinable GUI

- Edit filters



>> U64-X

This is the Xbox port of u64 - Killer Instinct 1 and 2 arcade emulator



>> UAE-X

UAE-X is a port of the famous Amiga emulator UAE to the X-Box platform.



>> Uvba (Unofficial)

Uvba is a excelent "Game Boy Advance" Emulator for the Xbox. Made by the same person that coded NesterX and SNES9X TV over to the Xbox.



>> Vice20X

Vice20X Commodore VIC-20 Emulator port for XBox



>> Vice64X

Vice64X Commodore 64 Emulator port for XBox



>> VicePETX

VicePETX Commodore PET Emulator port for XBox.



>> WinSTonX

WinSTon is an Atari ST Emulator



>> WinUAEX

WinUAEX is an Amiga Emulator.



>> WonderSwanX

WonderSwanX WonderSwan Emulator port for XBox



>> X68000X

Emulates X68000



>> XBoyAdvance

GBA/GBC/GB/SGB/SGB2 Emulator for XBox



>> XMugen-linux

XMugen–linux is not an xbox port of M.U.G.E.N, it’s a mini linux distro reduced to it’s minimum in order to launch mugen on Xbox.




XNES is a NES "Nintendo Entertainment System" emulaor for the Xbox.





XPCE-X is a PC-Engine emulator.



>> XSupervision

XSupervision is an Xbox port of potator, a supervision emulator.

Supervision was one of the system that arise following the nintendo Game Boy.

It look like a little bit like an original game boy and the game are a lot more simpler than gameboys one.



>> XVBoy

XVboy is a Virtual Boy emulator: the failed attempt from nintendo to make a kind of "virtual reality" game system.

Graphics and controller are emulated.

3D graphics can be emulated with 3D red & blue rendering: it means that you need red & blue glasses.

Original source code was using allegro which is not available on xbox: some hacks were needed to port it !



>> Xenesis

Xenesis is another port of Gens (a Sega Genesis/Megadrive, 32X and Sega CD emulator) by Carcharius.



>> Xmac

Xmac is an xbox port of minivmac, a mac plus emulator.

The screen, keyboard and disk drive are emulated.

The keyboard is emulated using a virtual keyboard.


>> xSnes9x

Ported by Lantus ... this is a good Super Nintendo Emulator for the Xbox. Runs at a good speed with lots of features. Also supports almost all of the roms out there




>> Xthom

Xthom is an xbox port of Thom, a thomson to7-70 emulator by Sylvain Huet and eric Botcazou.

The thomson to7-70, joystick, lightpen, k7 reader and sound are emulated.

thomson keyboard s emulated using a virtual keyboard.



>> Xvectrex

Xvectrex is a port of vecx, a vectrex emulator.



>> Xzx81

Xzx81 is an xbox port of Xz81, a zx81 emulator.



>> Z26X

Z26 Atari 2600 Emulator port for XBox.



>> ZsnexBox

This is a port of the Zsnes Super Nintendo emulator to Xbox by Nes6502,this emulator has a tonne of features including preview videos,cheats database,720p/1080i hd options.The last release was version 3.6 and this for many is the best snes emulator on xbox.

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I knew that was gonna be a big list when I saw the title.

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bloody hell FUM what a list!


I bet you have tried every one as well :rolleyes:

pretty much have tried most of them apart from the daphne emulator,one game for that emu is several gigs to download,dont see the point myself.

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Yeah, crazy things those laser discs.

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