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I know you guys are going to laugh, but I had a rom that worked fine with MAmeox... a terribly addicting old game, I played a lot in the arcade.... here it is, wait for it, "Lunar lander" coinops, don't like it, just gives missing file error....any chance, in a future release, getting it working?

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Heavy Smash is removed as it was there for trial but I never siad it worked ever dont know how you are guessing that its ment to.


I think that's because Heavy Smash rom is contained in the "R3 showcase update" rar. BTW thanks for your hard work and dedication!



Yes it's the point. Is it playable in the R2 version?



Thanks, that's a pity. Anyway 1.000.000 OF THANKS to BritneysPAIRS for her job!


His. BP is a dude. lol



LOL what a donkey. His... sorry BP.

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