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you should try setting your xbmc to 720p then try booting up coinops and see if it displays at 720p.



Thanks for your reply, when I go into the MS dash 720p and 1080i are already enabled, they've never been disabled but still no go. :(


I've given up.


Think I will just stick to mame0x

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not with me no........ we have tried a few times but we work alot differently. Ive completed a 1000 top games video and GF leaves on friday ill do a package then. Maybe he will do one day but I actually had a low def one 2 days after I finished R4 and decided in HD and even in Low def thy would look better in HD(or reskin it for Low Def videos) I decided HD videos looked great and 2 weeks later I had the HD 800 top games done...if I had more bandwisth I would have had it done in lot less time. Anyway the 800 games pack is 9gigs and I have to fix a couple more videos. Im unsure in what state or how ill release the new build but ill post stuff about it on Friday.


I cant really work with RX that much I have tried a few times sorry but PCeSlayer had them all sorted in a day in low def and a few days later all HD ones where converted so thanks to him and his timely work I will have more time soon to reliase the potential of what hes done. I hope sometime others will do stuff as they have promised time and time again but I will continue to work ahead with or with them for now.

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disable 1080i and give it a go :) maybe it sensing it can go to that res and dropping out of 720p



YES!!!!!!!!! ;) FINALLY, tried this and it WORKED!!


Many thanks for the reply and your suggestion, it is most appreciated here.


Great emulator and can't wait for R6


Many thanks again. :(

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