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and to any Mod I put together a little package of the needed files. is it ok to post it here or in spam perhaps? :clapping:

If there's no copyrighted material you are free to post it here.

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so it worked for you solidius? I still haven't got to test it yet. how did you fix your error just in case I come across the same one. I should be able to test it in the morning. My PC has been acting retarded all day.


I looked a bit into the usb iso loader and the only downer for me is your usb drive has to be formatted to the wii file system. I am not formatting my back up drive for that. maybe I can partition the drive and format a small portion to test.


Robert. I don't think it contains any copyrighted material. it's basically just the bannerbomb, correct cIOS, (I'm not sure if the cIOS is derived from Nintendo code.) dvd loader and backup loader. all in the correct file tree. after I've tested it to make sure it works correctly I need to write a proper readme outlining the steps.

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when u try to boot your back up u will prolly get a #002 error if that happens u need to patch the iso i will try to send u the 2 programs u need to do that or tell u via pm, if u got yahoo or msn let me know i will add u.

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I found error #002 can be fixed by updating to cIOS36rev9

no patching needed on madworld so far.


I'm looking for updates to all the programs needed before I put to gether a proper pack for upload.

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OK here is the package I put together




extract it to a formated sd card.

put the sd card in your wii. this is the part I am fuzzy on, I don't remember if it automatically asked me to run boot.dol or if I had to go into the options/data management/sd card.


when it asks to run boot.dol say yes.


you now have the homebrew channel. open that up next.


from the homebrew channel sellect cIOS36rev10 and choose wad install.



back to the homebrew channel. now select the DVDx and install that.


finally in the homebrew channel select wadmanager 1.3 from there choose which loader you need I used the regionfrii one. push the + button to select it then it will prompt you to press A. don't select a wad that starts with "._" those are backups or something.


thats it. put your back up in, go to the loader channel and press load. check the options and change the hook type to default if need be.


now you can delete everything on the sd card. keep the apps folder. that is where you will place any emulators or other homebrew you want to load from the homebrew channel.


I've tested this method with 5 different games, from older to the latest. NTSC and JAP. I have not tested a pal game on my NTSC system yet.

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oops I ment to post a direct link. The one you want is 13mb. I'm very happy with it my wiu was sitting in a closet for many months before this resparked my interest.

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