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Garou: Mark Of The Wolves

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any Garou fans out there?


im just glad to see more snk games come out for xboxlive, hell id love to see all the past fighting games they ever did come out for xbox live!


id soo download this game if its under 500 ms points, lol

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I love Garou, its one of my favorite fighters I would say.


I would be willing to bet it will be within the 800-1200 price range, maybe Amazon will have a sale for it now that they sell xbla games for cash and have deals occasionally.

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Mark of the wolves is prolly my favorite SNK game.

with all this activity from Capcom and SNK I think the time is right for Capcom vs SNK 3! or at least a remake of CvS2.

regardless it's a good time to be a fighting game fan.

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I LOVED SVC chaos! if they do another cap vs snk id love to see the return of VIOLENT KEN and serious Mr Karate


and of course Dan with full on Kyokugen karate moves!

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