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king of fighters question


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i have most of the KOf games up to 2002 running on my fbaxxx emu

but for some reason i cant get 2003-2005 to work :)


i'm not sure if 2004 and 2005 are real games or just fake edited versions since it says bootleg

(if they are authentic which should i download there is like 3 different versions for each and idk what the difference is)


i got so many versions of those games but none of them seem to work

i'm pretty sure i have the latest fbaxxx emu


I also would like to know all the kof games playable on the xboox

and a list of all the playable metal slug games would be nice ;)






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I think that the emulator support this kind of hacks or enhanced games as long as they were dumped from actual bootleg game carts.


I don´t know if the games you mentioned are supported by v1.28 or v1.29 (beta from kenshiro), specially because I never use hacked games, but you could always check the full list of supported games by looking at the DAT file that comes along with the emulator, also use it (with romcenter) to check if your romset is complete and correct.

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Assuming 2005 is the 10th anniversary game, this shouldn't be a problem to implement, its fairly straightforward.


There were two different 2004 hacks, one was from 2003, the other may have been 2002 (not sure about that).


And, kof2003 needs different banking from the rest of the series, perhaps the author never added it yet.

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there are tonnes of hacks for kof,especially for kof2002 and 2000!

the 2005 version is a hack of 02IIRC and 2004 is the anniversary edition.actually there is 2 different versions the other version was called hero.

and also not forgeting crouching tiger hidden dragon 2003(kof2001 hack.)the correct 2004 version of kof was kof neowave which was released on the atomiswave arcade hardware.

can you still not get kof2003 to work?

as for a list of all the kof games that play on xbox basically all those hacks i mentioned above and the official neogeo releases.

concerning metal slug!








these play fine on xbox.

metal slug6(atomiswave hardware,but ported to wii,psp and ps2 as part of the metal slug anthology)

metal slug7(nintendo ds but also getting ported to xbla,they better not filter this to fuk!)

hope that helps.


if you need help with kof2003,then you need to make 2more posts and i can help you out through pm.

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