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I've had my fair share of lessons on forums, learning that you can't bash a person without backing up your statement.


What do you people do when you post and someone quotes that post and makes a disrespectful comment to it? For example:




I think Tekken is actually one of the best fighting games out there.


Some other fellow:




I think Tekken is actually one of the best fighting games out there.

That's a load of crud, Tekken's fighting system is complete trash, and if you think it's the best fighting game, check Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, I hate anyone who says that Tekken is a good fighting game, you suck.


Lately, around different forums, I have been getting some opposing statements, but I often ignore them and act as if they were never posted. How do you people feel about arguing with another in forum? Does it make yourself any lesser of a person, or rather, less mature than others? Because I feel that way.

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Well the point is to discuss, debate, etc...


You don't have to respond to retardation like that but eventually we all get drawn into at one point. Not a big deal though.


Anyone who tries to put MK in the same category with the likes of Tekken, VF, and SF is not worth responding to in the first place.




Anyways, just ask why he feels that way, if his argument is retarded and not valid then it's not worth it.

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I wouldn't call what that other poster replied to you as "ownage." If he logically stated and proved you were wrong then that is ownage. That guy is just being a little bitch and isn't really worth the effort to respond to. If you really feel like you want to respond to him then do a short post (NOT A LONG ONE where it shows you are being really defensive) about why you think Tekken is a better fighting game, especially compared to SF and MK. Or you can just reply sarcastically about how he is the expert on all things fighting games so he is obviously right and personal taste has nothing to do with you preferring Tekken.


We used to have some pretty intense debates here about Tekken and VF but it never got that bad. We did have Cominus=cockbite though which was awesome.


Or you can just call him a fag and finish it off right there. FATALITY

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TrollCapAmerica is a member that I do not like, because he always calls out a person disrespectfully when they say something he doesn't like.


I think everyone around here has gotten tired of your unwarranted, childish comments. In every thread, you inconsistently bash a person who doesn't see eye to eye to you. And, I'm sorry TrollCapAmerica, but if you don't give respect, you aren't going to receive it. Because you know, obviously, you are the greatest Budokai player that ever lived, and you pass off statements like you are the supreme champion of all fighting games. Try to grow up, sir, and this will probably be the only thrashing I am going to do here, you should either leave this place, or congregate some sense, because you are becoming a nuisance.





Maybe people have gotten tired of the god damn ignorance people have been spreading. Maybe instead of trying to jump on a user, you should look at the damn debate before hand. If you actually had some sense, you'd know that Cap was disproving degalons statement that "the characters in the budokai games played the same". If you payed attention you'd know that Degalon has stated "stuns/juggles are cheap" and that he hasn't took time to learn the advanced mechanics. So when you make a BS statement, you WILL be called out on it. Saying the characters in the budokai games play the same is is NOT an opinion. It's plain wrong and ignorance does not need to be preittied up.



He doesn't have to pretty up his statements. He's backed up his statements. and I'll bold this. You still haven't even answered my damn question when I confronted you on your idiotic statement that "the characters in the budokai series don't play differently".


PS: You=/=Everyone. Stop trying to speak for the majority of the board, when you are in fact the minority. His comments weren't childish. He was defending the aspect of the game and calling someone out who was wrong.

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Man that's a tough one. You can go ahead and take it like a man, completely ignore it, or simply find a better way of fighting it.


My opinion, and yes, it's an opinion, just because Group A hasn't found the mechanics Group B has doesn't mean that Group B is fact, it just means they're two different worlds, is that Bodukai characters DO play on a level of similarity. Just like the characters of Mortal Kombat.


Btw, there is a scale on similarity and difference, you can try to use that as an argument as well, some "hardcore" fighters would consider just one move in a skill set the difference between "Broken" and "Balance" character. While others would still need more proof to be convinced that characters play out on a "different" level.


You can add attacks to both those paragraphs as well, but that will only make you appear immature, but if this person (if he really is good at fighting games I doubt it) has an angry side it would be a good idea to flick the switch on using attacks.


But yea, if you really didn't read EVERYTHING clearly, and word for word, then the blame will fall on you, if you feel like you did, then go back and make sure posts weren't edited.



Edit: I honestly would face it up, then change the direction of the conversation to another topic that you can win, and make sure the topic is an opinion, one that when he tries to fight back, will make him appear vulnerable and show the true side of douche that he has. Though if he's just using you as practice for a debate, let it go, just ignore it, this is the internet, the only reason you should even bother arguing is so that when you have to do it face to face in RL you'll be prepared.

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the lesson is don't jump in and attack a subject unless you have a firm grasp on what is being talked about. it's easy to get blasted that way. and never say you are speaking for the majority of the board because you almost never are.

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