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Women and tattoos on the back of the neck?


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what about a tribal star with butterfly wings? 3x fail.


Indeed but until I see someone with that, the retarded chick with the tribal butterfly covering her entire chest is the biggest failure.

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I myself have a couple of tattoos. I have one on the side of my calf and one on my forearm/wrist area of my daughter's name in a heart. I would like to have more but on my boob or neck? nah. I'm kinda chubby myself and I wouldn't put on on my lower back either. Some girls are just TOO confident in my opinion hah. I've had quite a few piercings in my day..my mother used to call me Pinhead from Hellraiser :) But, I grew out of it although I would like to get some back. I only have my nose open at this point. (Nostril not Septum)

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