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Converting FAT32 to NTFS?


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Well I recently bought an 500 gig external hard drive as I've been running out of space from my old drive. Recently I learned that my external hd is using the FAT32 file system and that I can't transfer single files that exceed 4 gigs. I also learned that I can convert the file system to NTFS which can support files more than 4 gigs.


I'm using windows vista which uses the NTFS system, so converting my external hd to NTFS would be alright?


Also would it be safe if I converted the drive even though it still has files in it? thanks.

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Just format the Hard drive. Depending on which Program you use to do it, or if you use the DOS method, You will be able to choose between FAT32 and NTFS.


I Do have to wonder why FAT32 is on a 500GB hard drive


*scratches head*

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