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Elder Scrolls: oblivion


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Buying a NTSC-J region 360 is a bad idea. No games get released for it, even if the Live is supposedly cheaper over there.

Well, it is basically NTSC-Asia which is compatible to NTSC-J. And I do agreed it is a bad idea because NTSC-U and PAL get more games in English. Still, some games like GTAIV and NG2 are generous enough to have region-free, so I'm not so screwed.


And in order to play copies of 360 games, I have to get NTSC-A units here since:

1. the console sold here are all NTSC-A (they get it from Singapore and flash it)

2. the copies are all NTSC-J or NTSC-A or region-free games.


It would not be a wise decision for me to get NTSC-U 360 here even if it is available.

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seriously, if you are hacked and playing backups you should be burning them yourself. a big ole spool of verbatims and a DL burner will pay for themselves in no time. not to mention not having to wait for your local pirate to get it.

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I love Oblivion. it is very western/D&D based. it's alittle dumbed down from Morrowind. I suggest you find a copy of morrowind for PC and give that a try first. it should be easy enough to find. ;)

then if you like morrowind you know you will like oblivion. but if you start playing morrowind you may forget all about oblivion and just keep playing that. Morrowind is a top tier wRPG for sure.


edit: w00t that was my 3500th post!

if you like morrowind you know you will like oblivion I disagree... I loved Morrowind, and I loathe Oblivion.


morrowind on a whole was much better.

Indeed... It felt more complete. Oblivion just feels wrong. The skills pissed me off for one. I had 100 sword skill. Now when you used that piercing strike, it paralyzed a mall percentage of the time. I made a set of sword skill armor, and it got to what... 140... It did NOT increase the chance to paralyze. Sure one may say that would unbalance the game, but who cares. Once you are that high in level anyway, the game is cake. Same went for all skills. Nothing over 100 skill counted. Like alchemy. In my view, the game not being broke, in terms of skills and such.... broke it. I spent many an hour on Morrowind breaking the game entirely, and had a blast doing so.


On top of that Oblivion had like 6 voice actors. I understand there was alot of speech, but when everyone sounded the same, it took me out of the game. But at least it doesn't sound like two worlds.... rofl. On top of that, the game seemed too easy.


Of course this is all well and good, but I know you already have the game, you and BlackNight. How are you two liking it?

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It is broken, but I played it and enjoyed it all the same. Hell, once I discovered 100% Chameleon I realised you didn't have to level to anywhere near the same extent and got even more enjoyment out of it. Not to mention the various exploits, mainly the infinite money/duplication ones.

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