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Rumour Halo4 to be announced at E3!

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Exactly, how else are they going to improve on Halo 4, NOTHING, everyone doesn't realize it. Everyone thinks it's very hype because of new maps and new vehicles, BIG FUCKING DEAL. How can the majority of the human race be so stupid, praising a fucking overrated series while sucking the dick of the main protagonist with NO personality and semi-complete mute for so many years does nothing more than make my piss boil.


I'm sick of the series because it's nothing more than your already average fps, who tells an uninteresting vague story, the "already done that" feature of using vehicles and dual weapons wielding(Goldeneye ftw), and the ever so REPITITIVE GAMEPLAY TRASH I've ever tried.


asdfaskdfj FUCK HALO



wooo, that felt good, glad I took that off my chest.

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I don't know, I thought it was the first to do console shooters right. Especially online.

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