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Wasn't he one of the only main characters with a history

Technically, all the characters with the exception of Crono had some kind of backstory to them. Frog's and Magus's backstory stood up the most out of all of them since you do explore them actively due to them being tied to the main quest. Plus, Magus's history and timeline was pretty much the trigger for the whole game. But yeah, I might be off here.


Despite this being a port, it might do some good being able to play this on a DS. However, I don't think I'm that excited for this game. The new content and possibly remastered music might be nice, but doubtful I would play it again since the SNES version was good enough on its own.

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The reason I mentioned it was because the lack of characterisation in most of the people you get to control, as you said bar Frog and Magus, was the only thing that could give FF6 (or maybe FF4) an edge over Chrono Trigger.

This of course depends on how important you think the storyline is, but I liked Chrono Trigger more for the gameplay anyway.

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