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I'm obviously gonna have to stock up on tp when this gets released. Have to test the bowels every now and again.






uh oh...

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Just because it's unnecessary doesn't mean it's not funny.


I think a remake of the game might have some potential. Add some sort of skill system aside from learn X skill at Y level. Maybe instead of menu based combat, more of an action RPG system like Kingdom Hearts had.

dude what are you talking about you didn't learn skills based on level in CT o_O

Didn't you? I must be dumb, then. How did it work?

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You learned skills based on exp, I believe.

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Well, my point is that there was no real choice in what skills you learned. Each character learned a specific set of skills in a specific linear order. It was essentially based on level, except there was probably a type of enemy in some far off corner of the planet that gave a lot of tech points and little experience, or possibly the other way around.


What would be cool, is something like the Sphere Grid from Final Fantasy Ten, except with limits on how much of it you could occupy. If you can just activate the whole grid, then the characters lose all uniqueness. Maybe even have a different grid for each character. I don't know. I just think leveling your characters should add an additional challenge to the game, rather than remove challenge from the other parts.

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