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If I like Deathnote, what other animes would everyone recomend?

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Code Geass, It's similar in a way because of how the protagonists wield god like power but, at the same time they involve mecha to the equation. Works pretty well I must say and I'm not into mecha animes, although Gundam 00 was pretty OK.

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That's a pretty difficult question, Death Note is essentially one in it's prime. I don't know of other animes like it, considering that the only animes I really watch involve fighting, this anime does well to keep me interested without it.


I would also like to know what others would recommend, some animes similar to Death Note. But I would personally recommend Samurai Champloo or Rurouni Kenshin .


code geass mostly sucks, though. too much ridiculous/annoying crap, and it's way repetitive.

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Camon guys , Code Geass is Much better than Death Note , at least Lulu got a true aim for his fight , unlike kira who got general aim and did anything to reach it .

We get Kallen and C.C. there too XD

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Gantz freaked the *bleep* out!

The boobs were oversexed (as we all know) but it was just too gory for my taste and it was crazy how it all ended! Im like, WHATA!?!?!

But yea th females were oversexed....

Felt like i was watching Godannar again....

BUt somehow.......I watched the whole series it must of attracted me somehow..

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