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Battle fantasia for 360!

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I see this game has been released in japan today.

the game is from arc system works,the guys behind the giulty gear games.unfortunately its region locked to japan :shootem: SUCKS.

its also available for the ps3 today as well,but i think a publisher will grab this and release it worldwide as most of the giulty gear games got a worldwide release.so i think its a safe bet that we will get it eventually.


has anyone played the arcade version of this?

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I see the asian version of battle fantasia is released on june12th,are the asian games usually region free?

please someone say yes.

You can check via PlayAsia. But i seriously doubt so.

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are you gonna get this game wizard?

Nope. I've already played it and as much as I like the art direction of the game, it's more or less GG in 3D. It's not that I liek I hate GG, it's not like, I like GG.

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