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Thinking about getting an Xbox, and...


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I'm thinking about getting an Xbox solely to soft-mod it and enjoy some emulator action. Is there anyone that can help me obtain some emulators when the time comes? Or recommend anything else I should download/mod for my Xbox? Thanks ahead of time. :(

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Please talk to me about it.


You should go ahead and soft-mod the Xbox and use an Unleash X dashboard. Then download the latest version of XBMC and use that to play music, movies, watch online videos, play downloadable games, download movie trailers, etc.


About the emulators, the only way you can get them is if you use Xbins, and if you need help with understanding what the hell that is, ask me.

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All of that is exactly what I plan on. Are there any certain hard drives I should look for to upgrade the hard drive and is that a complicated process?


Also, what about physical mods like the little screen people add to the front?

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Little screen people add to the front? Could you be more specific? Do you mean the boot screen?


As for the Hard drives, upgrading is not a difficult process if you are familiar with opening up computers or game consoles, and if you know what you are doing.


I upgraded a regular 8GB to a 80GB using Xboxhdm, it was a relatively simple process. Hard drives also go for cheap these days, I wouldn't be surprised if you found a 250 GB on newegg for a cheap price.

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That is something that I personally do not find necessary. That is obviously some advanced form of a case mod. I have no idea whatsoever of what it is, or what it could be.


Xboxhdm, is a application that allows you to format a HDD, and install a basic factory duplicate of a Xbox HDD. Meaning, you will be able to take a HDD and make it the same as a HDD that comes with a regular Xbox, but the capacity will be higher.

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These are the best emulators.


Arcade - MAMEoX128 Plus! or BenderMameOX HSFII Edition


Atari Lynx - Mednafenx-lynx


CPS3 Arcade - CPX3


Neogeo CD - NeoCD-SDLx Unleashed


Neogeo/CPS1/CPS2 - Fbaxxx or FBAXXX Pro


Nintendo 64 - Surreal 64 XXX Beta 5


Nintendo Game Boy Advance - XBoyAdvance


Nintendo NES - Mednafenx-nes


Sega Genesis/32X/CD - NeoGenesis


Sony Playstation - PCSXBox


Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Zsnexbox


Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine/Super Grafx/CD/SCD - Mednafenx-pce

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