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Is it just me or is the PS3 starting to look better than the 360?


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Better starting: I'd say no.

Future: Tendency, yes. (BluRay, the big ones like MGS4, GT5, .. And if producers are getting behind the PS3 engine. A uber-engine seems pretty useless, if you can't use its potential)

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Most microsoft games are always ported to pc anyways. Gears of War, pinata whatever, so on.

Not always. It's all 3rd party developers. Viva Pinata still isn't on PC :jawshocker: and Shadowrun just plain sucks!

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And the only fact here is there stating right here is the Failure Rate of the PS3 (3%) is better then the 360's (something like 40% i think).


edit: reworded to make sense :3

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