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The Digg Effect is coming to a close ... and our e-mail system is back online!

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We recently were on the main page of Digg for the 5th time in the last 3 years. Our exclusive article, "Nintendo Wii Virtual Console games just ROMS and HTML files?" rocked the gaming news scene in the TOP 10 digg articles yesterday, and as #1 on digg (under Gaming News category) yesterday and today. It truly was an honor and I thank everyone once again who helped digg the article up to the front page. Another big thanks to iq_132 who discovered the information. What's interesting is that many people thought this was a known fact (before the Digg Effect occured) about virtual console games, and in reality, it's probably true. However, I don't believe anyone really thought it could be so simple, yet it was. Perhaps, this is why it struck a chord.





diggtop10inalldk0.th.png | diggtop10gamesli5.th.png | diggarticle08nd0.th.png


It's always an honor when it happens as it greatly helps 1Emulation grow and prosper. However, the Digg Effect does have its faults and one of them is bringing servers down. We all remember what happened the last time we were on the front page of Digg. This time, 1Emulation was probably down for a few hours, but we were back up and full speed very quick. Both server admins, Miskie and Sdcofer, worked hours before, during, and after the Digg Effect. I warned them as our Digg article was approaching the main page.


One last thing to mention is that our e-mail system was shut off for the last 24 hours, so we could stay online during the Digg effect. This means that if you attempted to register and didn't receive a validation e-mail, you should check your inbox now. If you received a validation e-mail, clicked activate, and received an error message ... unfortunately, you will have to re-register again.


Remember folks, iq_132 owned the game, and which he curiously looked to see what was inside. This was just for research and nothing more.


The other fact of the matter is that 1Emulation does NOT and will NEVER condone piracy, as it is also against our website rules.


Thank you all. :roll1:

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Admittedly I did read about there being HTML files packed with roms in the VC games before it came up here...

Well I've never read/heard that, but if that's the case, no one showed any screenshots of it before hand.

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Whatever, it made us famous for a day. :unsure:



Yes thats true :blink:



Hey, I have been thinking, Want to meet up one day?

Wow! An offer Robert must not refuse (at least I hope not :) ).


Take some pictures guys. History (of 1Emulation meet ups) will hopefully be made again. :roll1:

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You're from Ohio, correct, Jitway? If so, where-abouts? I'm in extremely south-central Michigan.


Nope Indiana and just south of the capital Indianapolis...I am in Beech Grove Indiana

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