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Nintendo Wii Virtual Console games just ROMS and HTML files?

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The Nintendo Wii homebrew/hacking scene hit a big case of misfortune recently after the encryption for the Wii virtual console games was decrypted. Many sceners did not want this to publicly happen, as they feared it would shorten the lifespan of the Wii from piracy, and Nintendo would be more adamant in patching holes for newer firmwares.

However, since the first few virtual console games have been released in the inner cores of the Internet, one of our staff members took the liberty in seeing what one these decrypted virtual console games (and which he owned) had inside them. Upon further inspection, he found that the game held a ROM file, that can even be played on emulators! Not only that, but the documentation of the game that you can read on the Nintendo Wii is simply a bundle of HTML files. The virtual console games come with the emulator as well, and the emulator application is one of the files in the game WAD.

I finally got my hands on the files and it looks like it'd be easy enough to hack the files to use different ROMs. Hell, the ROM used by the VC title plays just fine on SNES9x


Oh, and I figured out how the archives are laid out. ^^

Some more screenshots:



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I KNOW Nintendo is the main bloodsucker that suck out all our money. Luckily, I am not stupid enough to get a Wii with the VC just to download and play games that i can get for free :)



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they shouldn't really care about the VC, I mean they better visit any average emulation site and know that the games they're trying to protect.....are already .....taken, lol.

They better put all they're focus on this zelda thingie and those hacks that may effect Wii homebrews...


idiots......worrying about friggin n64 and snes games....

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Upon further inspection, he found that the game held a ROM file, that can even be played on emulators!


I always thought thats all they were. Cheers for the info though. Nothing overtly shocking though.

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Very interesting, not sure if it will affect the lifespan of the wii, but it will cause something.

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