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Nintendo Wii Virtual Console games just ROMS and HTML files?

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Why is it that the rom shows up on emus as a bad checksum?


There are two copies of the ROM in the archive. One has ~256kb difference, the other matches the European dump 100%.


I want to see the HTML source.


You can dl one of those files on known sites and use a tool to extract. At the guy who published the videos site.


Or you can...


Here's the program for extracting all of the stuff from the VC files.


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Some news;


-Bunch of games now decrypted / released and usable

-Most games should be available in the next few days

-Any game you install on your Wii (even if the installation fails) can then be downloaded off the VC Channel for free. It marks the games as 'already downloaded'


Download the installer and go crazy;


Doesn't the person still need a WAD packer to use it?

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That's what I've linked up. That's all you need to install these pirate VC games.

Hmm... TehSkeen says something different:


As the release states, you have to already have a packed WAD file- and as of now, no WAD packer exists. However, once one is released, this app will be of great use. Homebrew applications will start being packaged as much simpler WAD files that each have their own channel.


A more questionable use of the packer/installer package could be to install shared Virtual Console games.


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There's something I'd link to now but would be decidedly against the rules. We need to have a forum for this kind of stuff, limited to Ultra Members or something.

agreed, I made that suggestion a while back and got shot down hard.

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