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Makaron T10 released


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Dreamcast emulator


At least some of you must realize that developing Makaron is a time consuming process. Time I could very well be spending doing things that bring me money. I have expenses you know, mostly PC hardware and software but also Dreamcast games and other stuff (like a new oscilloscope, as the old one died on me sometime ago).


I'm happy people use my emulator and find it useful, but I also belive it's only fair I got someting out of it as well.


Having said that I've came up with an idea of Pay to Play system for Makaron - prepaid style. Makaron will be free to download and try out but to play longer you will need to purchase an activation code. Simply put, in exchange for money you'll be given a limited time to use my emulator. Once that time is up you'll need to pay again, very much like you would for a cell phone number.

pay ment options will include credit cards and other common money transfer services, but I haven't yet decided on the rates so it'll take a few days to set everyting up. I will be done with the activation code shortly too.

>> Purchase it HERE.




With this, it has been decided that 1emulation will from now, only report on products which are completely free, complete, and unrestricted (to our knowledge). That means, no trial versions, no charges of any kind, not restricted to beta testers, not restricted to members of forums.

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I think this because April Fools. No one will pay for a homebrew emulator, manly Makaron which is not the best (Chankast, Demul and nullDC are better).

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The joke didn't fly as well as he hoped

Prima Aprilis


Originally I intended to "disappear" for a week (just like last time) and have my fun reading the comments, hate mail and cursing. Unfortunately not that many sites picked up on this idea of mine and so I'll have to cut it short. Pity.


I especially enjoyed the threats to move to another emulator. How silly is that? Folks, you're free to do that anytime you want and you don't need my permission. Really.

Let's face it - most of you got angry because you took free Makaron for granted and now I was about to take it away from you. You got all cozy thinking you somehow deserve it. Well... think again.


Having said that - hook, line AND SINKER, people :(

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It wasn't released really



Thanks for the reply :blink:


Is there a Makaron emulator at all? Or is the whole thing just a hoax? And if there is one, where can it be located?

Just look at the blog, there are s lot downloads of Makaron, so yeah it isn't a hoax, it is a real emu.

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