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Countdown to the Millennium

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well I hope its something good, I am not crazy about either of the current skins.

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We should use the first skin, I love nostalgia

I truly loved that first skin. There was something unique about it. However, it was not converted to IPB 2.x.


The new skin is very professional looking which is a new direction for us. :)

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I don't know who brought this rumor it's a new skin, or just a new skin for that matter. :P


Even our critics have been questioning us!


The hype returns in 2008.

Believe in it, dawg!


[ Image: http://emulmao.emuchrist.org/gamecop-rev6.JPG ]


See that. An imagine of an image, of an image of three images.

This internet thing is amazing :D


If you are like me and don't have a history with 1Emulation this makes no sense. Unfortunately, if you do, you understand it is yet another new skin for the site.


But, didn't they try to do that very thing @ the final quarter of last year? You know, that failed move to a new host.


Source »» http://emulmao.emuchrist.org/news.html

What failed move to a new host? Our new host died is what happened, so we went back to our old host. Otherwise, our actual move to our new host lasted a few months.


The countdown to the millennium won't make any sense to our critic, but that I understand, as he just began checking 1Emulation everyday of the week. :(

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