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I got a refund for an open product


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Bought Dynasty Warriors 6 and didn't like so I returned it to GameStop. They say no refund b/c it was open, I said "how can it be open when it wasn't even package in the first place" meaning no plastic wrap. So I got my full refund. I just realized that PS3 games don't come in plastic wraps, so even if you played the game and don't like it, you can refund it. I should of done this sooner with Assasin's Creed.

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Cool folks. So I'm now back at square one with no PS3 games. I'm thinking about Dynasty Warriors Gundam. I've read reviews and Blockbuster don't have that game for rent.

Nah Go for Uncharted Drakes Fortune. You wont be disappointed. That Dynasty Warriors gundam demo is up for grabs in the PSN Store. Try it there first. Buying Dynasty warriors is a waste though because they are all identical. EVEn the GUndam version, it looks cooler but its exactly the same.

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