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The GeForce 9s are going to rock your faces off


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I can't wait, because I may actually be able to afford one.






Doesn't look too impressive, But consider this is the lowest end card in the GeForce 9 series, and its keeping up with the higher end GeForce 8s. (The 8800GTS based on G92 is usually around 5-20 FPS faster than the 8800GT for some more perspective, and the 8800GTS based on G92 is pretty much the fastest GeForce 8 give or take a few FPS) Now consider this card costs less than 200.


I heard the rest of the GeForce 9s come out on the 30th of this month. Can anyone confirm this?

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I don't believe the 200 dollar price tag for the low range model. I'll see if I can confirm it later. 200 bucks for this, I don't believe it until I see it.

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uhhh okay.


Heres one for USD $170:




Want something like EVGA? Extra 8 dollars, about USD $178




ATi/AMD is FLOCKED! :blink:


EDIT: The prices are the same on Newegg too, Heres the fastest version of the card currently sold, and its still only about USD $210



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Here check this out:




D9M = Mainstream Card


D9P = Performance Card


D9E = Enthusiast Card


I think I'm gonna try and shoot for the 9800 GTX, They are saying the 9800 GX2 will have 30 to 50% more performance than an 8800 Ultra, Thats insane, But no one knows for sure if the GX2 is going to be actual GeForce 9 chips or two GeForce 8 Chips

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maybe but probably not by much, Nvidia has stated that this is supposed to be a sub 200 dollar card, and they are pretty pissed off about how they said that about the 8800GT and that ended up not being the case. They probably took some preventative measures this time.


ATi Has done some price cuts of their own to combat this card, so there isn't as much room for increase anyway.

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yeah I was specing my new build and seen these cards out at newegg. now I am debating between a 3870 or a 9600gt both right around $180. if anyone sees a direct comparison article post it up here please.


edit shiba's first link pretty much shows the 9600gt beats the 3870 by a few frames.


it's on the wishlist fo sho.

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I shouldn't have clicked those links, I am pissed as hell now. most of the 8800 series cards cost almost the double here. the 9 series aren't on sale even yet.


If I could get a crysis-worthy gfx card, even a cheapskate like me would spend the money. and the more competition there is, the lower the prices will fall.

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